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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Design Do's & Don'ts from Your Favorite Design Bloggers

A few months ago, I had some of my favorite design bloggers give me their Design Do's and Design Don'ts to include at the Bloom Workshop for the guests looking to expand their design knowledge. The tips are just too good (and important!) not to share, so here they are today just for you!

Make sure your unique story is represented in the design of your home. Bits of your history and personality should come through in the accents, the art, colors, and the overall feel of the room. Trends come and go, but a room designed around your unique journey will be timeless and always feel relevant to you.

Ensure there are a mixture of textures in every room. There's something about mixing metals, wood, natural materials and pretty, soft fabrics that really lends an air of sophistication to any design.

Lighting sets the mood in a space. Determine what sort of lighting is needed (i.e. task, ambient, accent or a combination) and incorporate the lighting plan with the floor plan. 

Go a little bit bigger and bolder with lamps and accessories. It is better to buy a few bigger, bolder pieces than to buy too many little things that don’t make enough of a statement.

Always invest in good lighting. Lighting can make or break a space. It can also change the mood of a space. To many overhead lights can make a room feel unwelcoming.

Every space needs a mixture of hardware finishes, natural elements, something personal, something soft and something pink.

Invest in quality pieces for your home.  I know it's easy to go "cheap" in order to fill out a room, (hey, I love Ikea and Target as much as the next person), but it's worth spending the money for quality materials and construction.  You'll thank yourself down the line when you still have and love those quality pieces.

When planning a space, start with a statement piece - a colorful fabric, a piece of furniture with killer lines, a stunning piece of art.  Let everything else trickle down from there.  It helps to give a plan direction and a starting point to pull colors and other accents.  I also love a touch of black and gold in most any space - they adding grounding and glamour.

Add a mirror or mirrors to make a room appear larger and to enhance the room's natural light and views. 

Have a variety of textures in each space. This will keep the room interesting and visually appealing. Also (I couldn't decide on just one!) try to hang your curtain rod in the middle of the top of the window and the ceiling (as opposed to directly above the window). This will aid in making the ceilings look taller and ultimately, make the room look larger. 
- Michaela

Feel like you have to have to have a room "finished" by a specific deadline...Often times in my favorite rooms-whether for clients or in my own home-seem to evolve and change over time. Rushing things might force you to choose items you don't really love and that don't truly reflect you.

Don't decorate or add pieces to your home just because you saw it in a magazine or on Pinterest. Style your home for you and your family. Did your favorite design blogger say chevron is out but you just so happen to love it? Use it! Decorating is extremely personal and you have to follow your individual taste and style to truly create something you love.

Don't over do it with the accessories. They can quickly clutter a room. Only display what you love. 

Consider the big picture. A room with too many vignettes or accessories spread throughout the room will likely feel too cluttered and lack focus.

Florescent lighting! Never, never, never use it.

Don't use a rug that is too small.  Rugs really ground a room and finding rugs that are the correct size for the room and furniture placement can make or break a space.

Don't be afraid of color.  I am all about neutral palettes, but a fun pop of color not only keeps the room fresh, but can easily be changed out for the different seasons.  Think: pillows, blankets, and artwork.

Don't get overwhelmed by all the inspiration out there.  It can be so hard to filter out the noise and mesh together what you love with all the ideas online and in design magazines.  Choose things you LOVE and everything will come together.  Go with your gut - your individual style is what makes you unique and what will ultimately make you stand out from others.  

Hang the mirror too high.  (A good rule of thumb is to hang at eye level or just below, but since "eye level" is different among people, generally, the center of the mirror should be 56" - 59" from the ground).    
- Megan, Honey We're Home

Avoid matching. Pieces and patterns don't have to match, they just have to "go" together! Try mixing patterns of different scale and colors to achieve the right look.
- Michaela

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I love ALL of these great tips and pieces of design advice! I especially love the advice warning against too small of a rug. That's one of my pet peeves!! ;) What's YOUR design do and design don't?! Spill it!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bloom Workshop 2: September 2014

Guess what?! Today is the day we announce the second Bloom Workshop! Ashley and I both had the BEST day at the first workshop, and decided we couldn't stop there. 

Last September was the first time Ashley and I had the chance to blend our creative talents together to create something beautiful and since then, it's been our heart's desire to find a grander way to do that. Both Ashley and I have a passion for people pursuing what they are passionate about in the creative fields. In order to help encourage, inspire and help other's navigate this creative industry we are both apart of in different ways, we've created a hands on workshop that will do all of the above.

The Bloom Workshop is geared toward creative women who have a blog, small business (or want to start either of those), desire to learn more about photography, design and styling, and how all of those things work together. You'll also get to meet a ton of other creative women with like-minded passions.

Okay…want to know where and when the next workshop is?! 

Come join us in Rockford, Michigan at Hydrangea Blu Barn on September 18th, 2014. We decided since the Hydrangea Blu Barn was such a perfect location, why not do it again?! We will be bringing Bloom to other cities at a later date, but for now, we're ready to party again in Michigan with some talented creatives.  Check out our website with complete details about the day. We have some amazing sponsors for the workshop and can't wait to share them with you this coming week. {Seriously, the goodie bags that guest's will leave with are off the hook! But they are valued at $450…so if that's not incentive enough to come, I'm not sure what is! ;) } 

Registration will be open NEXT TUESDAY, July 15th. You can check out all the registration details and prices for the workshop on the Event Brite page. You can like Bloom on Facebook to get updates, read about past attendee's experiences, and be the first to know when registration is open. Spots will be very limited so we can be sure to give the attendee's our best attention. Feel free to share this workshop with your friends, family and anyone you think would benefit from it. Last time, the event sold out in a few hours, so be ready! Ashley and I would love to meet you.

Who will we see on September 18th?!
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PS. Outtake video coming soon. TOO funny ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bloom Workshop Recap

Well, friends! Today is going to be a picture-heavy post, but I think you'll be alright with that :) 

Ashley and I are finally sharing our photos from Bloom Workshop we hosted a couple of weeks ago. The day was just so much fun. We met some of the nicest, most creative gals out there, who are passionate about taking their blog, business, photography and design skills to the next level. What joy it brought to both of our hearts to have the honor of sharing our knowledge with them for the day. 

The gorgeous Hydrangea Blu Barn was THE perfect location for our workshop. With plenty of space, charm and beautiful touches, it was nothing short of an amazing backdrop for the day. PSSST…brides in West Michigan, this is such a lovely venue for your wedding! I mean, that chandelier. Yes, please!

We wanted the space to feel bright, open, feminine and sort of like a quaint party for the ladies. In order to spice up the normal barn look, I got these amazing ghost chairs from The Rental Company for the wood king tables, which are property of Hydrangea Blu. Aren't they amazing? I love the juxtaposition that the ghost chairs, barn, and wood tables create. Each guest got a gold folder, notebook with their name beautifully written across it, and a sweet baby succulent

Below are some pictures from Ashley Slater Photography (my partner in crime!)

We adored our signage by Amber and Angela from Add{Vintage} All the girls could look at the front of the room and see the workshop hashtag. It was perfect!

All the guests went home with some pretty awesome swag bags. Not only was the actual bag from Dream State cute, but so was everything in it! 

Our coffee bar was going all day, because unfortunately the weather threw us a curve ball and it was a blustery, cold day! The remedy? Our adorable Shine Bright mugs from Ashley & Malone. Each guest took one home with them to enjoy many more cups of jo :)

After the morning teaching portion where Ashley and I shared our knowledge on blogging for your business, social media, photography, and design/styling, we took the ladies outside for a styled photo shoot of their very own. I designed this shoot so the gals could put to practice what they just learned in the morning sessions. The inspiration of this shoot was honeycombs and hexagons. We used the same ghost chairs as inside, paired with the amazing wood king table, all adorned with The Day's Design's beautiful floral arrangements. They were such a dream!

The cutest favors in the history of favors…little honey jars :) 

The most beautiful signage by Jessica Albers! I love the invitation suite photos, so it was fun to show the attendee's how to style them.

We had the most beautiful bridal models for the girl's to practice photographing also. SO lovely. That dress…be still my heart.

We asked another photographer in the area, Mary of Evie Jr. Photography, to come capture some of the day for us while we were busy teaching and hosting. Here are some of her photos below:

Our sweet tassels made with love by One Stylish Party:

More tassel garlands and some adorable pillows from Lulu & Georgia:

Oh, my heart is still full. I can't wait for the next workshops. Stay tuned, we're going to be announcing the next one in two weeks! Until then, you can like Bloom on Facebook to read blog posts from some ladies who attended the workshop. Reading their recaps has been pure bliss. 

Happy Thursday!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Sponsors to Love

We made it to the weekend! It's a good feeling :) I wanted to introduce you to four of my favorite, super talented friends and sponsors. Visit their shops, sites and blogs and make some new friends!


My name is Mardy Divina and  I am passionate about food, weddings, design and everything divine.  I took the big leap in 2012 and followed my dream.  My culinary dream took me to Southern France where I experienced to live the "European life".  I came back to my real life feeling inspired and launched a little side business with lots of French Phrases and luscious foils. Follow along as I travel the French language.  


Hey there! I'm Lauren Hooker, the art director and designer behind Elle & Company. Few things in life make my heart happy like good design and organization, and the brand was created from my love of the two. Elle & Company is about clearing the clutter to create an intentional, less-stressed life. Whether it's through a pretty, organized Daybook planner or a helpful blog post, my hope is that you leave encouraged. 



Hey y'all, I'm Caitlin from over at I'm a Transplant From California! I'm a Southern California girl who made the move to a tiny town in New Hampshire four years ago and never looked back. I blog about small town life, DIY, crafting, photography, and whatever else strikes my fancy that day! I run a small photography business as well as being a full time EMT and volunteer firefighter, and love every adrenaline filled minute of my days! Stop on by and have a visit (I'll bring the lemonade)!


HI I’M ALYSSA, the lady behind Alyssa Marie Photography! I was born and raised in California and went to high school with Michaela. In 2010 I moved to Kansas to pursue my education in fine art photography. {I know, I’m crazy} Now I’m in Kansas City working as a wedding photographer! In my free time I am at the gym, out on the town with my handsome boyfriend, or catching up on some Pretty Little Liars or Downton Abbey. If that sounds like a good time, then let’s meet up for a cup of coffee. :)



Aren't they all beautiful?! I hope you'll take a few minutes to pay them a visit this weekend and then…enjoy your Saturday!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Striped Sweater & Gift Idea for Babies!

On MICHAELA | Jeans: Nordstrom (similar); Sweater: Macy's (similar); Boots: Steve Madden
On EMORY | Personalized Leggings: Jennifer Ann, Sweater

One of the days I was in Louisiana visiting Megan, we went out to a cute field and I took their family Christmas card pictures. I'm no photographer, but I tried :) I just couldn't get over the cuteness! I also snuck a few pictures with the babe, of course (who, by the way, has the cutest clothes and bows ever). Can I just say, I can't wait to have kids?! And I'm so blessed that so many of my friends already have babies. Hopefully I'll be well prepared for that day because of all my friend's kiddos :)

How cute are the personalized leggings I got for Emory?! They say her name all over them...I mean, seriously. I feel like it's the most unique idea ever! Jennifer is the sweetest and most talented lady, so if you have any littles in your life, these make the perfect gift. They're definitely my go-to gift when it comes to my friend's babies!

Hope you have a wonderful day, and don't forget to check out my first post from today over at The Inspired Room!
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