Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April Goals

It's the first week of a new month and like usual, I can't believe another month has come and gone. I'm SUPER excited about April...even if it means lots of showers. Because after showers comes pretty May flowers, and that's the best sight! The arrival and promise of spring is certainly anticipated, especially in this cold part of the country. It offers hope and new life, perfectly in time for Easter even. Anyways, it's time to lay out my goals for April!

(ranunculus at Trader Joe's right now...go get some!! Only $4.99!)

First, here's a look at my March goals...

Hang the gallery wall photos of our wedding. DONE! You can see the post here.

- Find a refugee organization that we feel will serve and love those in need and donate to them. We still need to do this!

- Cook a new recipe. I think I'll try this Kalua Pork recipe that one of my readers sent me!  It was yummy! I also tried another good pork taco recipe and lasagna skillet.

- This month also happens to be a season called Lent. Instead of focusing on just not buying clothes or home decor this month in order to save money, I'm actually going to switch my focus to the fact that I don't NEED any of those things to make me happy or feel better about myself. The only thing I really need in life is Jesus. It's easy to get caught up in material things and what we feel we need to be happy, when I actually think things often take away our joy. This has been going really well. I'm planning to write about it in the coming week!

- Memorize a new verse every week or two. Right now I'm memorizing Psalm 18:6. I got a white board that's magnetic and put it on the door of our garage, so every time I come home, I read the verse.

- Enjoy the St. Patrick's Day inspired symphony down town! It was SO good! I even teared up at a few points because it was so moving.

- Get all of our Bloom Bash Carmel Valley ends tied in a pretty little bow, in time for our workshop on April 11th! I'm so excited to be back at our wedding venue!! Done! We are so excited for our first workshop of the year in just a few days!

- Host a Noonday Collection party at our house for some of my girlfriends! If you guys haven't heard of this amazing jewelry company, check it out! The beautiful pieces are made in other countries by women who wouldn't have jobs, if it wasn't for Noonday. So this company employs and empowers vulnerable women in other countries. It's AWESOME and I want to be a part of it!! This was one of the most fun nights of the month! Loved hosting it and can't wait to get my jewelry in the mail. You can see the party here. 

- Finish Nothing To Prove, by Jennie Allen. Love this book! Such a great read! Now to find a new one:)

- Blog some of my new clients' design plans! Check! I did that right here

- Soak up some sun in California. PLEASE let there be sun during my trip!

- Enjoy the Giants opening day with the family!

- Celebrate Easter with my family. So excited to see my brother and his wife for Easter. It's been so long since we've been home at the same time.

- Spring Clean our lives: I mean everything! Clean the windows, dusting, sweep the garage, purge my closet, clean out our cars, my purse, the fridge...every.thing.

- Start nailing down details for our June workshop in Northern Michigan. If you want to learn how to arrange flowers and try your hand at watercolor calligraphy, you should join us!

- Find a new book to read. I'm thinking The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp. Has anyone read it?

- Post my new hair tutorials here on the blog for you. We shot them last're going to love them!

- Do something fun outside with my husband.

Keeping it simple this month. What are some of your goals? Let's keep each other accountable!


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  1. Well done for March,a successful month of reaching goals.
    These are great and fun goals for April - enjoy this happy month my friend x

    *My April goals are on the blog*


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