March Goals

It's a new month, which means new goals! I've really enjoyed sharing my goals with you this year.  Hopefully you've sort of enjoyed hearing them, too ;) Maybe you're even inspired?! First let's look back at last month's goals:

- Continue spending some quality time with my fam in California. So grateful to be here for another week! My mom and I are getting massages together this week and I can't wait. It reminds me of all the fun things we did right before our wedding. I had the greatest time with my family and only wish we could do it more often!
- Put final touches on my husband's Valentine's Day present. He loved it!! I got him a silicone wedding ring for him to wear at the gym and in water / on vacations, but turns out he wears it every day because it's so comfortable. I got him this one! I also got him a coffee cup warming coaster for his desk at work and a bag of coffee beans from California. He is a coffee snob ;) 
- Celebrate our first Valentine's Day as newlyweds! My husband is planning this date, so should be fun! It was really fun! We went to a delicious dinner at one of our favorite places down town.
- Hang the gallery wall photos of our wedding. The frames are here and the pictures are ordered and on their way, so hopefully I'll be hanging them next week!
- Seriously, Michaela. Order the wedding albums ;) I can't even...I might take this off my list of goals ;) Although I am finally doing this tomorrow! 
- Continue work on my new website and blog design (yes, coming soon!) Really excited about this!
- Write a blog post on the best things we registered for. I have so many thoughts on this, so it should be a fun one to write! DONE! You can find it here.
- Do not buy anything new. No clothes, home decor...nada. Practicing self-control and being disciplined in this area is always good. I DID IT!!! And I'm doing it again this month. I'll be sharing more about this soon on the blog.
- Create a hair tutorial post for the blog, since I got a lot of comments from readers saying they'd love to see those. Time got away from me last month (the month was short, okay?!) so we're moving this to March.
- Be more intentional about praying together as husband and wife. We did a lot better at this in February!
- Find a refugee organization that we feel will serve and love those in need and donate to them. Since most of my February was spent in California, we didn't get to do this. Moving it to March as well!
- Cook a new recipe. I think I'll try this Kalua Pork recipe that one of my readers sent me! Thanks, Rebecca ;) I haven't done this recipe yet, because we tried Blue Apron last month and it was amazing. I am doing this pulled pork recipe this month, though!

Hang the gallery wall photos of our wedding.

- Find a refugee organization that we feel will serve and love those in need and donate to them.

- Cook a new recipe. I think I'll try this Kalua Pork recipe that one of my readers sent me! 

- This month also happens to be a season called Lent. Instead of focusing on just not buying clothes or home decor this month in order to save money, I'm actually going to switch my focus to the fact that I don't NEED any of those things to make me happy or feel better about myself. The only thing I really need in life is Jesus. It's easy to get caught up in material things and what we feel we need to be happy, when I actually think things often take away our joy.

- Memorize a new verse every week or two. Right now I'm memorizing Psalm 18:6.

- Enjoy the St. Patrick's Day inspired symphony down town!

- Get all of our Bloom Bash Carmel Valley ends tied in a pretty little bow, in time for our workshop on April 11th! I'm so excited to be back at our wedding venue!!

- Host a Noonday Collection party at our house for some of my girlfriends! If you guys haven't heard of this amazing jewelry company, check it out! The beautiful pieces are made in other countries by women who wouldn't have jobs, if it wasn't for Noonday. So this company employs and empowers vulnerable women in other countries. It's AWESOME and I want to be a part of it!!

- Finish Nothing To Prove, by Jennie Allen. Love this book! (Pictured above)

- Blog some of my new clients' design plans!

Alright, that's it for March. I'm trying to keep it a bit simpler :) What is one or two goals YOU have for the new month?



  1. I got my husband (eek - still seems weird to say!) a Qalo ring to wear at the gym, and he hasn't taken it off! He says he loves that it stretches around and doesn't feel quite as constricting. Glad to know he's not the only guy who prefers it to the real ring!

  2. Which coffee cup warmer did you get your hubs? I'm on the hunt for one.


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