Client Project Guest Room Design

One of my new construction clients' houses is SO close to being done! I can't wait to see all the finishings in place like flooring, countertops, paint, etc! It's going to be one gorgeous home and of course, I'll be giving you peeks along the way. We just got done with the design for one of the two guest bedrooms and I love it so much, I have to show you.

This is one of my favorite clients to work with because they know what they love when they see it and they totally trust me with my style. She is so encouraging to me, sending little texts letting me know how much she loves how it's all coming together! I love that. It's an honor to be designing this home with them. 

Here's a peek at the guest room. This room will be for my client's mom when she comes to visit.

garden stool / art / nightstands / knobs / chair 

She wanted something sweet and feminine with some floral touches since she loves flowers and gardening. We went neutral with the bedding (so gorgeous against this upholstered headboard!) but will be adding a gorgeous accent pillow in a lumbar with a hint of blue to tie in the floral art for the wall. They will be framed in gold frames to tie in the gold mirror, lamps and a couple other touches in the space. A cozy reading chair and garden stool will finish off the guest bedroom for her mom!

What I love most about this is that it's a mix of low and moderately priced pieces. Nothing is breaking the bank by any means, but there are also really cheap items like the ikea nightstands. To mix it up a little and dress things up, we're switching out the knobs! The mirror looks a lot more expensive than it is which I always love (ha!) and the lumbar pillow is a little more pricey, but doesn't put them over because everything else is so reasonable. 

I can't wait to see this design come to life! Now onto designing a half bath and finish up the master bedroom design.

Happy Wednesday!
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Sweet as a Peach Complimentary Color Shoot Featured in Print!

Last October (yes, almost a year ago!) we hosted our Bloom Workshop in the greater Dallas area-- Quinlan, TX to be exact. You can see the recap of our workshop here and here! Well, on the second day of each of our workshops, we create a stunning inspiration photo shoot complete with bride and groom models, tablescapes, dessert bars, invitation suites and all the pretty details, so our attendees can practice styling and photographing-- both skills they learned in our teaching sessions at the workshop. We are different from other workshops because we put such an emphasis on practical tools and leaving with new skills or honed skills that our guests can implement tomorrow in their businesses. 

Our styled shoot for Bloom Bash Dallas was just gorgeous-- everything from the hair and makeup, dresses, unbelieve venue, cake, name it, it was AMAZING. Today I am so excited to finally share it, because yesterday the shoot debuted in The Carolina's Magazine-- a beautiful print magazine! I picked up my copy at Barnes & Noble and was so excited to see our images in the pages of this magazine full of other gorgeous inspiration. We are honored to have our work in there and wanted to show you the shoot today!

But before we get to that, a few behind the scenes photos of our attendees photographing the inspiration shoot themselves:

BTS photos: Shalyn Nelson

When our ladies are done with their shots, we head inside for our Q&A panel and that's when my co-founder Ashley photographs the shoot herself for our Bloom portfolio that we then send in for publication. Here are her beautiful shots:

Photography: Ashley Slater Photography
Venue: The White Sparrow | @thewhitesparrow
Florals: Amy Osaba Design | @amyosabaevents
Invitation Suite: Wildfield Paper Co. | @wildfieldpaperco
Rentals: Junk & Disorderly | @junk_disorderly
Cake: Sweet Something by Ashleigh Jones | @sweetsomethingsbyashleigh
Hair & Makeup: Tracy Melton | @tracymeltonartistry
Linen: LaTavola Linen | @latavolalinen
Wedding Dress: BHLDN | @bhldn
Rings: Suzie Saltzman | @susiesaltzman
Suit: The Black Tux | @theblacktux
Tabletop Rentals: Dixie Does Vintage | @dixiedoesvintage
Event Concept + Design: Michaela Noelle Designs 

This incredible team blew us away with the most stunning photo shoot. We are SO grateful and honored to have this shoot featured in The Carolina's Magazine, as it was a labor of love for our attendees during our workshop! We hope you love it as much as we did and if you're planning a wedding, hope you can find lots of inspiration from it!

I can't close without a shout out to our other set of bride and groom models. We always have two sets of models so the attendees don't fight over taking photos :) This couple was just the sweetest and most beautiful pair-- both inside and out.

Happy Tuesday!


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Friday Finds: Oh Happy Day

Hi friends! It's been a while since I've done a Friday Finds post with you. I had fun pulling some favorites together!

1. I'm in LOVE with this adorable tee for two reasons. One, such a cute phrase and reminder to be happy! Two, every sale supports my friend Jordan and her husband, who are adopting a baby! Each sale goes straight towards their adoption fund. SO FUN! I've felt such a tug towards the fatherless and the orphan and I think we're all called to support them in some way. Maybe we're not called to adoption specifically, but we can certainly help others!

PS. August Cloth is one of my favorite boutiques :)

2. LOFT is having a sale on some summer markdowns! My favorite thing is this adorable striped dress! Tops are also 40% off.

3. If you were around here yesterday, you'll know that Beautycounter is having a rare 20% off sitewide sale! Just use the code LOVE for your discount at checkout. This is a great time to try out or stock up on your safer, cleaner beauty products! If you want my recommendations, go to this post to find out!

4. Anthropologie's dresses are 20% off! No code needed, it's reflected at check out. My standouts are below:

5. I'm working on a little girl's room design and just got the most adorable samples in for window bench fabric. I can't wait to see what we go with and get the bench all made! Here are the samples I ordered:

This bow one also! It wouldn't link in the photos above.

That's all for this Friday! Hope you enjoy your weekend:)

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How to Make the Switch to Clean Beauty

Okay, friends! I'm answering one of the questions I get most often when I post about safe and clean beauty products. As you might know, I switched over to safe skin care products and makeup last year and I haven't looked back since. After a lot of research and realizing that I am (pretty) careful about what I put INTO by body food-wise, I realized I wanted to be doing the same on my skin. Why? Because our skin is our biggest organ and the things we put on it do, in fact, seep in and affect our bodies. 
*The reason I'm sharing this post today is because Beautycounter, the brand the majority of my products are from, is having a 20% off sitewide sale today through the 13th. Use the code LOVE for 20% off! It's a great time to try a few things you've been wanting to, because they never have sales! I love the products so much, I became a consultant last year. All opinions in this post are my own + it's not a sponsored post, I just believe this is important. Throwing that out there before I dive in :)
Now before you think I'm going to judge or shame you if you don't use safer beauty products, think again! No way, girl. I'm not about that. I'm just sharing MY journey, thoughts and favorite products with you if you're thinking of making a clean swap. 

So onto the question: How do I make the switch to clean beauty without breaking the bank?!

And it's a great and fair question, because typically clean beauty, free of harmful chemicals, can be a bit more pricey. (For good reason, in my opinion!) Now before I switched my products over, I was already using department store priced skin care and makeup products, so switching over didn't feel like a big jump at all. In fact, I don't think my prices increased at all! But if you're used to drugstore prices, then it might feel a little more substantial to you.

Here's the thing, though. Safe beauty products are typically going to last you a whole lot longer because they're not filled with additives and preservatives that water down the product. They are highly concentrated, which means you can use less at a time, which means they last longer! 

Before we dive in, I need to give you a few things to remember when contemplating the switch:
1. Be careful of the word "natural" and marketing terms that tell you products are "free of ____". 

Something that is "natural" doesn't always mean it's good for you. Take the example of a gluten-free muffin. It might not have gluten, but it's still calories and it still has chocolate and sugar in it. Ha! Companies are very good at making you believe their products are better for you by telling you they are free of this or that, or are natural or plant-based. But the truth is, you don't know until you read the ingredient labels. The term "natural" is a marketing term that can be freely used. There really isn't any restrictions on using this term. There's also no law preventing companies to call a product "organic" even if it contains as little as 0.1% organic content. Crazy, right?! 

2. Read the ingredient labels.
Take your health into your hands, friends! Reading labels and researching unknown ingredients is the key to avoiding the harmful ones. Beautycounter has a list of over 1500 ingredients that are NEVER used in their products because they have done extensive screening and found them to be unsafe. Here are a few of the top ones below for your reference:

If you're unsure of an ingredient (like I am a lot of the time! Have you read labels?! I can't pronounce half of them!) then you can use these helpful tools like me. The EWG Skin Deep Database is amazing for looking up ingredients. They rate them from 1 (the least harmful) to 10 (most harmful) so you know exactly what's going on. I downloaded that app on my phone so I can check ingredients easily. You can also check out the Think Dirty App. Here is a list of their verified brands that they deem as safe.

Note: Anytime a label has the words "fragrance" or "parfum", stay away!!! These things are code for chemicals that don't have to be reported because they are considered "Trade Secrets".
3. Not all Safe products are created equal.

You'll need to test out what brands work best for YOU! 

Okay, now that those things are out of the way, let's dig in. 

1. The most cost-effective way to switch to clean and safe beauty products is by switching things out as your current products run out! 

This might be a duh moment, but I think sometimes people feel like they need to switch everything RIGHT THIS SECOND. And while that might be ideal, it's not realistic. So for me, when I'd run out of my current face wash, I'd then purchase a new safer face wash. When my moisturizer ran out, I purchased a safer version. This way, I really wasn't spending any more money than I would be if I wasn't switching things over.

2. Here are the big ones to swap out!

 Maybe you don't intend on switching EVERYTHING over, and that's totally okay & your call! I get lots of questions about the most important things to switch over to safer beauty products and my answer to that is anything that stays on and soaks into your skin. This would be:

Moisturizer and Eye Creams: traditional creams can be made with preservatives that can release formaldehyde and wreck the immune system. 

Foundation: obviously foundation sits on our skin all day. It may not be meant to seep into our pores, but it inevitably does. So it might as well have safe ingredients that are working FOR you instead of clogging your pores or worse, doing not so great things for your overall health. Lots of foundations are filled with parabens, which is one of the number 1 ingredients to steer clear of.

Lipstick / Gloss: Lipstick can include artificial fragrance which can be a blend of chemicals (like phthalates which are endocrine disrupters!) not regulated or reported on the labels. 

Oils and Serums: these sink deep into your pores, which is what the goal of oils and serums is! But when filled with toxins and preservatives, they can do more harm than good.

Masks: typical masks can be made with PEG's which are used as thickeners and can be contaminated with small amounts of dangerous chemicals. 

Lotions: traditional lotions contain mineral oil which is permitted in beauty products, but it's a conditioning agent that may contain toxins and can suffocate the skin. With your skin being your biggest organ and lotion covering most of it, this is a biggie!

Mascara: this doesn't seep into the skin, but it is around our eyes, so I'm including it. Carbon Black is a pigment used in mascaras to give you that desirable black color and it is a known organ toxin as well as a carcinogen. I don't think beautiful lashes are worth that risk, ladies!

Sunscreen: you can read my posts here and here to get ALL that info! 

That's a lot of information, I know! You might be asking, what do I use?! I am sharing my makeup and skincare routine with you below. Hopefully this helps simplify things. These are my favorite products, tested and used by me for almost a year now. 
morningface wash / day moisturizer / eye cream / body lotion

makeupfoundation in "linen" / blush in "melon" / lipstick in "brunch" + "first date" / lip gloss in "peony" / mascara / concealer (I also love this one and will get it when my current one runs out) / powder foundation in "suntan" for summer (I only do one foundation, sometimes liquid and sometimes powder)

nightface scrub  face oil / night moisturizer / eye cream 

On a daily basis, I do not do eye shadow or eyeliner. I just don't have time! But sometimes I will for special occasions :)

I think the most important things to remember when switching makeup and products over in general is to read labels, know that there ARE safe products out there work, and just do what works for you. Don't feel like you're not doing everything right if you can't afford to switch over everything right away. Slow and steady :) And you know what? If you don't want to use these types of products, no worries here! Just sharing what works for me and why I find it important. But there is enough shaming these days, I certainly am not going to add to that.

Don't forget to take advantage of the big sale at Beautycounter! Get 20% off your purchase (excluding sets and the resurfacing peel). We never, ever have sales, so this is an amazing time to try some things out! And we have a free return policy. So if after you've tried the products, you don't like them, just return them with the free return label that comes in your box. No risk!

Happy Thursday!
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