Monday, August 29, 2016

Wedding Bliss: Our Wedding Website

Having a wedding website has been so great throughout our engagement! Not only is it helpful to have all of our wedding information in one place for our guests, but it was also really fun to make (and easy as pie, too!) We used Minted Wedding Websites, since our invitations also came from Minted, and I have been SO happy with it. It has a spot for everything-- your proposal story, wedding events, travel information (like hotels and favorite places to go in the town your wedding is in!), a page to share pictures and a blurb about your bridal party, all your gift registry info, and even a place for guests to RSVP. Best part? That is all free! If you want to upgrade to a custom URL, password protected site and a photo gallery option, it's only $35, which I found to be really great. You can choose from all sorts of site templates that match different invitations Minted offers, too! I'll give you a tour of our website:

Home Page:
We choose this one photo layout, but each design has 3 layouts you can choose from! (All of which are mobile friendly, which is great for this tech-savvy world we live in.)

Also on the home page, if you scroll down a little, you see our proposal story.

Photo gallery page includes our proposal and engagement photos: 

Wedding party page:

RSVP page:

This has been a huge stress reliever for me! A few people warned me not to do e-RSVP's beforehand because they weren't traditional and older people won't be able to figure it out (looking at you, mom! ;)) but honestly, this is something I've been so happy with. Thankfully, everyone has been able to figure out! But the best part is, it's SO easy to keep track of everyone who is coming. Once someone RSVP's, Minted files it into a section of your wedding website where you can view the YES and NO replies. If you want, you can even download an excel spreadsheet with the RSVPs. And bonus! No RSVPs get lost in the mail (or forgotten to be input in my own spreadsheet). While this may not be traditional, this has saved me so much time and stress. 

Tip: I included instructions on how to RSVP online on our details & directions insert, sent with the invitation. This was probably very helpful for those who don't have innate instincts on the computer!

Registry Page:

The other page we included was the Events page, with the date, time, address and everything they needed to know about our ceremony/reception. (Not posting that here because we don't need no wedding crashers...ha!) We gave them written directions to the venue, but Minted also includes a map built in to the site.

Did you use a wedding website? How do you feel about online RSVP's?



Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Finds: Summer & Tropical Sale Finds

Happy weekend! This week we're doing Saturday Finds and it's about the last stint of summer + tropical vacations. With my honeymoon coming up, I've been thinking about our Maui trip a lot recently, along with what to bring! Since Anthropologie's sale is on SALE (25% off!) and they recently put tons of summer dresses on sale, I did some shopping. Here are my favorite finds:

Discount is reflected at checkout!

I've also been looking for a new pair of beach pants. I like to wear these on the plane and even around the hotel. Macy's has really cute ones right now in the junior department (heck, I'm still buying them, just be sure you check the size chart!)

Here's a few other things that caught my eye. Oh, and that swim suit is one of a few I'm bringing with me on the trip!

Now for what I got at Anthro (with tons of gift cards, thanks to my recent bridal shower!)

This t-shirt! Easy to wear with jean shorts or a skirt.

I also ordered this adorable dress:

Finally, I bought this tank to hike / zip line in when we're in Maui!

That's a wrap! Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My New Kitchen Barstools

One of the (many) reasons I was excited about our new apartment was because it meant we would have a counter to put some cute bar stools at! We can eat breakfast here together also. Ah! So grown up ;) If you want to see what the apartment looked like before I got moved in, check out this post!

As you might know, my style is farmhouse chic, with touches of industrial pieces and some glam (aka gold). I might need to make it more masculine once we get married and my fiance moves in ;) Keeping my style in mind and the fact that we have a ton of weathered wood pieces, we chose these beautiful counter stools from Lamps Plus, formerly 55 Downing Street. Our dining chairs pair so well with them, they are comfortable with a padded seat, and they're petite enough so they don't take up too much visual space. I also loved that they had some nailhead trim; it just makes them look more special and finished! Take a look...

Aren't they a perfect fit?! One thing I want to note for people who are picking out stools: there is a difference between Counter and Bar stools. Counter stools are shorter in height (counter = the height of your kitchen counters) and bar stools are taller (bar = raised higher than your kitchen counters). I often get asked how much space there should be in between your counter top and the seat of your stool. I suggest about 10" less than your counter height. That tends to give enough leg room, without putting you at an awkward level to eat at the counter or bar. Hope that helps!

Happy middle of the week!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Wedding Bliss: Decorating with Linens

When it comes to special events and weddings, I like to say it's all in the details! Not only do people notice big things at events (like, the fact that you got married and what a joyous celebration it was!) but they also tend to notice little things, too. Like favors, thoughtful signage, seating areas and linens. Oh, linens! I love them so much (this probably has to do with being an interior designer!), but truly, they make a huge difference at an event. I'm here today to tell you that you won't regret splurging on linens for your big day.
I love working with Mrs. Freund & Co. for linens for our Bloom Workshops AND I'm even using some of her gorgeous pieces for our wedding in September! Here are all my favorite ways to use them:

1. Runners. This is a great, more affordable option, for your big day. If you need to use standard white linens to save money, throw on a beautiful sequin or textured linen on top of it to add some texture. If you're using the beautiful farm tables, a gauzy runner like this one will make the table look more elegant.

2. Dinner table. There's nothing prettier than walking into a reception full of beautifully set tables! When the tables have gorgeous, textured linens on them-- even better!

3. Gift tables. Dress up your gift table, guest book table, or drink table with a specialty linen. This doesn't have to match your dining linens, but instead, do something a bit more special that will stand out! Sequins, pattern...we love it all.

4. Sweet heart tables. For the couples who want to sit together, just the two of them, at their wedding, a sweet heart table is a great option! It's also somewhere you splurge on beautiful, unique linens for your table and even chairs! We love these romantic chair drapes for added elegance.

5. Cake tables. The cake is often one of the guest's favorite part of the wedding reception. If it's beautiful AND delicious?! Bonus! Dressing up the cake table in a fun or beautiful linen makes it feel extra special, provides your photographer with a great photo opp and gets guests even more excited to indulge. 

Emily Jane Photography / Ashley Slater Photography

6. Workshops or events. Our goal at Bloom is to make our guests feel loved, encouraged, and equipped. We hope that through the beauty we create at the workshop, our attendees want to create their own beauty in their businesses. One of the ways we do this is by using pretty, simple and sleek linens to cover our workshop table. It's automatically a serene place to rest your eye when all of the linens are cohesive. At our mini workshops, we always cover our Flower Bar in the prettiest pieces from Mrs. Freund! One of our favorites was this gray velvet.

How are we using linens? Our reception dining tables will be covered, pre-ceremony drink table, guest book table, cake table, and small round tables at the reception will all be fancied up. I can't wait to see it come together!

Okay, are you convinced?! How do you use special linens to dress up your events and weddings? Check out Mrs. Freund & Co. on Etsy and her website for your next occasion. You can rent or purchase! We just adore working with Sara. 
PSSST! You can enter to win one of Mrs. Freund's linens on Bloom's instagram today!
Happy Monday!

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