Modern Farmhouse Mudroom, Laundry Room & Powder Bath Reveal

Welcome to the mudroom, laundry room and powder bathroom of my client's modern farmhouse! I'm excited to show you around :) 
This mudroom is large, and for good reason: the family has 5 kids. Each child has their own locker along the large wall and the parents have their own locker on the wall to the left. All of them have baskets up top, hooks inside the locker doors and then the drawers on the bottom actually pull down so it's a great place for shoes. This is right off of the garage, which is the perfect landing place.

We did hooks on either side of the locker and one on the back to maximize the storage.

This laundry room is one of my favorites! The floor is so fun, yet still has something classic about it since it's neutral.

We did a huge folding counter (because with 5 kids, you're bound to have tons of laundry!), a sink for stains, and some shelves and closed cupboards for storage.

 It was lilac season when we took these photos and they smelled incredible. Take me back!!

Finally, this little powder bath is right off the mudroom. We did this beautiful board and batten with a tile detail around the entire border of the room. It just dressed it up a little and gave the room a touch of pattern. We kept it classic by going with a white tile but had the pattern stand out a touch with the light gray grout. This was one of the features people commented on liking the most during our Parade of Homes in the Spring. I thought it was a fun detail!

All we left on the tour now is some bedrooms and two bathrooms. Can't wait to show them to you soon!

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Our Fall Porch 2018

Right when fall feels like it's officially official here in Michigan, we get an 80 degree day randomly ;) (not a pretty 80 either; a stormy one!) Last week I finally got around to decorating our front porch for the new season. I gave myself a budget and stuck pretty close to it! I wasn't expecting to get a new doormat, but when I found this one for $9.99, I couldn't pass it up, so I went a little over budget because of it. Oops! #worthit 

The look started with my Graced Designs fall wreath. It has neutrals with a touch of light pink in there. I just love it! When my neighbor gifted me with her planter boxes for my upstairs balcony, they had some yellow and burgundy in them (which I usually don't go for, but they are so lovely!!) so I knew I needed to tie in the burgundy somehow. I went with neutral and burgundy mums + white and light orange pumpkins to tie everything together! I already had this lantern from last year's winter porch.

Can we talk about how stoic Lincoln gets when he's in pictures?! Ha!

I love the shape of the white pumpkin that's sitting below the mums below. To make things look a little nicer, I wrapped the mums in white butcher paper and tie them with bakers twine.

I'm all about the odd numbers in decorating! 5 pumpkins, 3 mums, 1 lantern. It makes for a nice set up.

I love my wreath SO much! You can use code MICHAELANOELLE for 10% off your wreath order at Graced Designs!

As DIY as I get around here lately ;)

I think our little porch says "Happy Fall!" :) Let me know how you're decorating your porch (if at all!) in the comments!
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October 2018 Goals

October is here and I can hardly believe it. We had 90 degree temps two weeks ago and now we're in the 50's! Oh, how things change. I'm here with my October goals today, but first, looking back at how I did in September...

a snippet of our fall decor shared on instagram

- Celebrate our anniversary together! We went to a yummy dinner and had the best night reminiscing! 

- Watch our wedding ceremony video and our speeches on our wedding anniversary. Also, dance to our first dance song. This is a tradition we started last year and I'm so excited to continue doing this forever!

- On the topic of marriage, one of my goals this month is to not be so naggy. I know it's a habit I fall into easily because I like to be in control, but I don't want to be this type of wife! ALWAYS a work in progress!

- In conjunction with our anniversary, I'd love to write a post about marriage so far, what we've learned, etc. If you have any questions, let me know and I can answer them in the post! You can read that post HERE.

- I am currently getting a client's home ready for the Parade of Homes, which starts October 5th here in Grand Rapids. I'm loving how it's coming out and can't wait to show you everything soon! Countless hours go into making it beautiful for my sweet clients, but also getting it tour-ready for all the other hundreds of people who will be coming to see it. Parade starts this Friday, so I've spent lots of time in the past two weeks running around getting things ready for it!

- Go have dinner and see the sunset at the beach with McCann's grandparents. They are only here in the summer and fall months, so we want to see them once more before they move back to Florida for the winter (which speaking of, can I come?! ha!) We didn't make it for a sunset, but DID go for a beach day and apps!

- Use our hot tub a couple more times before it closes on October 1st. Always sad about this! Hooray for the hot tub closing October 15th this year...yay!

- Guys, for the last couple of weeks I've actually been going to the gym a couple times a week and doing weights, then running. I know, it's crazy! I'm trying to start a good habit of this before winter comes and I literally don't want to move out of my cozy little home. Can I be honest, though? I hate running. I feel terrible after I do it, and I can't even run for long periods of time. I run for 3-4 minutes, then increase the incline and fast walk, then put the incline back down to run for another 3 minutes, etc. That's all I can do so far, so I'm trying not to give myself a hard time about it. But it is frustrating that I feel like death and other people say they feel amazing after a run. Maybe I will never be those people haha ;) *Goal here is to CONTINUE doing this! I've been averaging 1x per week the pas 2-3 weeks, but that's better than nothing!!

- Begin getting our speakers lined up for 2019's Bloom Workshop schedule. We're hoping to launch the schedule on Black Friday! Getting lots of details for this together!!

- I'd love to get some things cleaned and organized before October hits. Our garage needs to be cleaned out, I'd like to clean the windows since they're a mess from the storms we've had a couple weeks ago, and I always love cleaning my closet out before a new season. Speaking of that, I do have a couple things for sale here that I just added! CHECK!

- Decorate for Fall no sooner than the last week of September. I'm just really trying to savor this last official month of summer. I can't even fathom it getting cold again :( Send help. I savored summer as much as I possibly could! It's full-blown fall over here.

- Get our holiday plans with my family tentatively laid out so we can start looking at flights. This year we're spending Christmas here in Michigan, but will still go to California to see my fam at some point around the holidays. I hate leaving this to the last minute! We didn't get this solidified yet, but are closer to booking flights.

- Start my new book None Like Him. I just finished In His Image by Jen Wilkin and I loved it so much. It was so helpful to me to learn even more about God's character and how I can be an image bearer in order to live our God's will for my life. Highly recommend!! I'm loving this book so far. The biggest take away so far: the Bible is about Jesus, not me. Learning about his character has been transformative.

- My mom is coming next week to visit and I couldn't be more excited. We're going to Northern Michigan to experience (hopefully) the color changing and go wine tasting. We're also having a spa day, going shopping, and going to eat at some favorite restaurants!

- Cook / bake something fall-inspired. Maybe chili and cornbread, peach or apple cobbler, etc...

- Go to the Keith Urban concert! We're so excited about this, as it's our anniversary present to each other. I'm a total country fan and my husband is just being very kind to me ;)

- Get my parade house photographed and show you soon on the blog.

- Go on a retreat with the other youth group leaders at our church. This is always one of the most fun weekends for us!

- Start with a couple of new clients. Can't wait to dive into more projects with some new families. (PS. I'm booked until mid-November, but am taking clients on after that!)

- Share the Beautycounter Holiday collection with you soon! It's SO good, girls! So many fun gift options.

- Attend a workshop about how to keep our immune system healthy next weekend. I'm excited to learn, but also excited to have my Beautycounter table set up for people to learn about safer beauty!

- Visit the apple orchard where we met and got engaged. Also goal: eat all the donuts there.

- Be intentional about spending time investing in our marriage!

- Go to the dog park as often as we can before the snow hits. Another goal: don't cry when the snow hits ;)

- Share my fall decorations with you both inside and outside and give some tips on how I decorated with what I have. Our fall porch is coming tomorrow!

What are some of your October goals?!

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Fall Staples: For Your Skin

Woahhhh, it's October! That happened quickly ;)

Back this week with some more fall staples; this time for your skin! If you missed last week's post on fall staples for your closet, you can catch it here. Cooler weather also means it might be time to switch up your skincare routine to accommodate your newly dry skin (anyone else?!) One thing I do pretty quickly once the weather changes is get our humidifier back in our bedroom. This not only helps my throat but also my skin! The other things I love using this time of year are all below. I hope you enjoy!

1. Face Exfoliator- I love this Nourishing Cream for a gentle exfoliator. I also use my Clarisonic once a week (when I remember) to exfoliate a little extra. This is key, even if you think you shouldn't because you have dry skin, because it sheds our dead skin layers so that new skin can grow.

2. Soothing Moisturizer- This one (no scent) is my favorite. I use one for day and one for night. However, if you need something even a little heavier to restore your skin more at night, I highly recommend this one. I switch to it in the winter, but fall is never too early to start giving our skin a little extra moisture. And if your skin is dry year round, the countermatch adaptive lotion is my favorite one.
3. Mask- Charcoal mask for drawing out impurities, but Cleansing Balm to restore moisture (also can be used as a face wash and overnight moisturizer! This is one of our best sellers, for good reason. If you're a Colleen Rothschild cleansing balm fan, this is the perfect safe version to switch to!)

4. Hydrating Foot Care Routine- about once a week I use a foot scrub and then a pompous stone to slough off dead skin. My feet are dry, guys. Maybe because of wearing sandals all summer?! Then I apply a hydrating body lotion. This one smells like a dream. You know, like the creamsicle popsicles?! 

5. Conditioning Lip Balm- this is about the time my lips start going through some changes. They start to get dry from the new, cooler weather. I used to swear by vaseline, but after learning the health risks, I replaced it with this lip conditioner at night before bed and this nourishing balm during the day, which has a soft tint.
6. Face oil- this may seem counterintuitive, that we wash our faces to rid our skin of oil then are told to slap some more oil on our skin. BUT I assure you, this is a necessary skin care step as we need to replace our skin's oil with good, nourishing oil. This one is my favorite as it has vitamin C in it, which is one of the best things for our skin to drink up, but I've heard great things about these as well. I put this on my skin (directly) every other night and then if it's feeling extra dry, I'll add just one drop to my morning moisturizer.

Let me know what your favorite fall/winter products are for your skin! And if you have any questions about Beautycounter, let me know in a comment or email. I've been a consultant for the past year now (because I genuinely love the products and see a visible difference in my skin!) If you'd like more information on safer beauty products, you can sign up for my once monthly newsletter here. I'd love to have you join it!

Happy Monday!
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