Monday, January 16, 2017

Survey, Ask Me Anything + a Giveaway!

Hey there! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Towards the end of last week I was feeling a little under the weather, so I rested up and laid low, other than making it out to a client photo shoot. Can't wait to reveal that soon!

Since we're still in the month of January and in light of it being a new year, I wanted to open the floor to you, my awesome readers! I've been blogging for almost 7 years now, so this blog has gone through a lot of changes (just browse through my archives to take a trip down memory lane! This one and this one are favorite old posts of mine ;)) I think it's always a good idea to get feedback from those who read and enjoy this blog, so I can make sure to continue serving you well + have some fun, of course!

If you could take this short survey, it'd be SO appreciated! And as a thank you for taking the time to do it, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a sweet gift box from Box + Bow, my go-to gift box studio. Here's the box we're giving away:

Coconut rose scrub, bath bomb, a delicious smelling candle, a succulent and a sweet treat to eat!

Once you take the survey, just enter the giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In an effort to stay authentic and get more personal with my readers, I'm opening up the floor for questions. If you have any questions for me-- business, blogging, personal, wedding/marriage, ANYTHING -- please comment below (or take the survey and ask me anonymously). I'll be doing a post in the coming weeks answering some of your questions!

Have a wonderful week ahead, friends and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading this little blog and supporting me. I love what I do so much, so it means the world that I get to share it with you!


Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Finds: Under $50

1. New sale styles added to Anthro's 40% off SALE! Use code TAGTIME.

I have this sweatshirt and really love it. I'm in an XS and I'm 5'5"

I also have THIS lace top and love it. Mine is the rust, but I love the black as well!

These cutie mugs are also on sale + an additional 40% off! I got my grandma one of these as a thank you for helping sew a special project for my wedding.

Shop sale clothing:

Shop home and accessories sale:

2. Adorable finds all under $50:

I just bought this cowl shift dress and I LOVE it. I'll give you a sneak peek on Instagram today. I got the XS. It's definitely a shift dress, which I really love. It's a knit fabric, so it's really cozy with a great texture. I also love the neckline, something I wasn't sure about. It's under $30 + comes in 5 colors. What's not to love?!

This plaid blouse is a still a fave:

Lilac is my favorite color, so I'm crushing hard on this ruffle tee. I also adore ruffles. This is going to be hard to say no to ;) Good thing it's under $25! Comes in 3 colors.

My moto leggings are finally on sale!! They come in 3 colors. Size one down. These are my go-to leggings!

Under $40 for this adorable wrap cardi. They are SO soft-- love them! And so many colors to choose from. Perfect to throw on over a plain long sleeve or short sleeve tee. Dress it down with uggs and up with booties!

I got this lipstick (speak louder) in my stocking and it's my new favorite. It looks a bit more pink on the's more of a pink/red in real life!

Other finds under $50:

Those are all my finds for today! If you missed anything this week, here's a recap:


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips + The Dress I Almost Chose

This is a post I've been looking forward to since the day I found THE dress over a year ago! I have always wanted to show you guys the dress I almost chose, but didn't + a few wedding dress shopping tips for the bride-to-be. We'll call this the road to the wedding dress :)

If I can get sentimental for a second, finding my wedding gown with my mama was one of my favorite days ever. Not just in wedding planning, but literally ever. I'm so thankful for this day and don't take it for granted, because I know a lot of brides don't get this time with their moms. Getting into my wedding gown on the morning of our wedding was SUREAL. It was also extremely hot! This picture below shows my face squinting and laughing, because I remember thinking "if it's 80 degrees at 11:30am, I don't want to know what it's going to be during our ceremony at 4pm." It was 96 degrees, if you were wondering ;) 

So before I get to more pretty pictures of my gown (that I'm definitely planning on trying on again on our first anniversary!) I wanted to share a few tips for dress shopping, since I'm guessing there are a few newly engaged friends out there after the holidays, along with pictures of me trying on the dresses.

1. Only take people who you are confident will be helpful, kind, supportive and want what is best for you. A little honesty is key, but you don't want someone there who will hurt your feelings. After we said yes to the dress, I brought back my aunts and grandmas to see me in the dress. They all loved this and I found it very special!

2. Come with some ideas of styles you want to try on. I printed out a few pictures of gowns I absolutely loved the shape of and the back detailing, and that's what our consultant searched for. I ended up getting something really similar to my inspiration. Now that we're married and I can share the dress and everything, here are the pictures I brought for inspiration! I pinned tons of inspiration here.

3. Trust your consultant (if you're at a dress shop that has great stylists, that is!) If the style you thought you would like doesn't look good on you, be willing to try something else. They've seen A LOT of dresses on a lot of women!

4. Make sure you do your hair and makeup the way you feel most confident, so when you're looking in the mirror at yourself, you feel beautiful!

5. Bring shoes of your own that you can try on the gowns with. I brought a pair of wedges my mom had (similar to the shoes I ended up buying below) to get the feel of what a wedge would be like.

Badgley Mischka Wedges

6. Ask a lot of questions-- about the time the gown comes in, if they have recommended seamstresses or if they are in house, how the seamstress plans to shorten your gown (they almost always come in too long), etc.

7. Look for accessories at the bridal shop, but then also look on etsy when you get home to see if you can find something more cost effective (ie. garters, veils, belts, etc.) Sometimes accessories can MAKE the look. As soon as I put on a beaded belt with my dress, I knew it was "the one".

8. Have fun and don't put pressure on yourself to find "the one" on day one.

9. My biggest tip, however, is to take photos of yourself in the dresses you're most considering. Once we narrowed it down to the two final gowns, my mom snapped some pictures of me in each gown so I could take a look for myself. Sometimes dresses might look nice in person, but don't photograph well. So here we go-- I'm showing you the pictures she took of me!

Dress on the left: the one I ended up choosing and I'm SO happy I did! The lace was a little bit less and showed a bit more skin, which I wanted ;)
Dress on the right: Super comfortable and loved the champagne underlay, but when I looked at the picture, I saw the dress and tons of lace, not me.

A few of the front of the dress I did not chose...again, so pretty, but just a little too much lace. It seemed overwhelming! I also liked that the other one gave me more shape.

The moment I decided to say yes to the dress!

My mom and I...such a fun day!

The day I brought my grandma and aunts back to see the dress and choose a veil:

So those are my tips! Now I'll show you a few more pictures from our wedding day, because it's fun to relive and I'm so happy I chose this dress. I now understand why moms want their daughters to wear their gowns ;) #futuredaughterbeware

Danielle Poff Photography 

Anyone going dress shopping soon? If you've already done so or been married already, what advice do YOU have for brides-to-be?!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bedroom Reveal: Wedding Vow Artwork

I'm super excited to share our bedroom reveal with you today! It's not a huge space, but we have big windows, tall ceilings, and just enough space for our bed, two nightstands, a dresser, a bench and lots of bed pillows ;) My husband and I wrote our own vows to each other for our wedding ceremony (which you'll get to hear us say to each other next week when I share our wedding video!) 

One thing I've always been frustrated about at weddings is that sometimes you can't hear the couple saying their vows, or maybe you just forget them and wished you could hear them again. For this reason + because we wanted our vows to hang as art in our bedroom, we had my talented calligrapher friend Jenny of Graceline Art calligraph our vows. We displayed them like this at our reception on our memory and guest book table:

As soon as we got back from our honeymoon, I snagged the most BEAUTIFUL frames from Framebridge. We chose the Newport Frame, which has a really beautiful champagne finish and light patina to it. If you have a lot of silver and gold accents in your space, this warm champagne finish would be a perfect compliment! When our frames arrived I was blown away. These are extremely professionally framed-- I should have taken a picture of the back of the frame to show you. 

The process of getting your artwork or photos framed is so easy, too. Here's how it works: You choose your frame and order it on the site, then Framebridge sends you a flat mailer to send in your photo (or you can upload a digital file if you have one!), and finally they ship you back your art all beautifully framed. It was quick and easy and totally customizable. I told them in my order the size matting I wanted and then viola! it came just as I specified.

Take a look at our bedroom and new frames!

Frames / Headboard / Lamps - similar / Duvet Cover - similar / Pillow Shams- Euro and Standard with border / Floral Pillows / Curtains / Calligraphy /

Aren't they lovely? You're probably curious about what we said in our vows (I know I would be!) so here are the "vow statements" for inquiring minds...the sweetest and most covenantal words I've ever exchanged. The first part of our vows were too long to include in the artwork, so we left those out. But you'll get to hear them next week when I share the video!

Michaela, in the presence of God, our friends, and our families, I promise to put your needs above my own; to love you as Christ loved the church. Through thick and thin, through days of joy and days of sorrow, through all of life’s ups and downs and twists and turns. I promise to lead our family the way God would have me lead; I promise to stand up for you, to respect you, to show patience and faithfulness to you with my whole heart, mind, and soul for all the days of my life. 

McCann, I promise to choose you every day. I promise to believe the best about you. I vow to encourage you and honor you. I promise to  strive to give you an abundance of grace, speak kindly to you and about you. I vow to apologize when I fall short. I promise to love you selflessly as Christ loves his children, to serve with you, stand beside you, walk with you through suffering and celebrate and laugh with you in the joys of life. I can't wait for life's adventures by your side, because as your wife, by your side is always where I want to be. 

Best of all-- Framebridge is giving all of you 15% off your first purchase with code michaela15. If you have a wedding photo, a family picture, picture of your dogs or kiddos, or even a gorgeous piece of art you've been wanting to get framed, try Framebridge. I promise you'll love it!

Happy Wednesday!

interior design website / services / portfolio

Disclaimer: Framebridge provided the frames for this project, but all opinions are, like always, my own genuine feelings. Thank you for supporting companies that keep MND doors open!

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