January Flowers For Your Home

I'm SO excited about this post, not because it's anything overly amazing, but because I LOVE flowers and I'm excited to share a new series with you. Once a month in 2019 I'm going to share a flower arrangement with you. Sometimes it'll have tips, step-by-step directions, and sometimes it'll be more simple, like it is today. But they'll always have pretty pictures of flowers, they'll always be bought from a local grocery store and they'll always be arranged by me-- not a florist, but a flower-enthusiast ;) Hopefully it's inspiring and will spark you to pick up some blooms for your home!
I usually pick up flowers for our little abode when I'm at the store (almost always at Trader Joe's)...guilty. They just make me so happy, especially in the winter. I work from home, so need some LIFE in here! (Okay, husband?!) When I got a bunch of requests from my sweet readers about wanting to see some more flowers / flower recipe posts / how-to's with flowers, I was so excited. I already buy flowers for our home, so why not share what I'm doing with them with you?!
For January, I wanted something colorful yet warm. It's so dead outside, friends. Although it's been the mildest winter since I've lived here since 2014, it's still cold and everything is brown. This week when I went to Trader Joe's I was instantly drawn to this pink/purple color!
I grabbed two varieties:
Spray Roses $4.99
Alstroemeria $3.99

For this arrangement I chose a pretty, warm copper vase to compliment the magenta flowers. Since these flowers have a lot of width to them in that they take up a bit more area space and can spread out, I thought this size round vase would be great.

I always tape off my vase first so that it provides a structure and support for the stems!

Make sure to discard any leaves that will sit under the water on your blooms. If there are leaves under water, it'll create bacteria and make your flowers wilt quicker. This is also why changing the water is important!

I wasn't able to take step-by-step pictures, but what I did was put 1 stem of alstroemeria in each of the 4 tape quadrants. Then, to cover the tape lines better, I added 2 more stems in there. Then I placed the spray roses and tried to group them together. I don't like when the different flowers are so spread out it looks like polka dots, so I tried to incorporate them a little more than that. I also wanted the flowers to spread wider than the width of the vase, so they took up more area space. The last thing I'm conscious of is covering the tape lines on the side and giving it some height. You don't want to cut your flowers so short or all the same height, because then the arrangement falls flat and lifeless.

I braved the 20 degree weather to sneak a couple pictures outside for you ;) You can see here that I tried to pull some stems out a little more than others to offer different heights and textures.

The pink is just so lovely!! And the beauty of this is that usually I have enough flowers to do one larger arrangement and one smaller + even a budvase or two for my bathroom and nightstand. By choosing flower varieties that have a lot of "breaks" like the spray roses, and a lot of area space, like the alstroemeria, you get a big bang for your buck! And alstroemeria lasts forever!

My husband got me this little vase in my stocking, so I was very excited to put it to use :)

I snapped these a couple days after the really opened up!

I hope this inspires you to go pick up some flowers (these were under $10 total!) to bring some color and life into your home this week! Next month, I'm going to be showing you a couple Valentine's Day inspired flower arrangements with my friend Chelsea, who's also a flower enthusiast :) We're going to shoot it in her lovely new kitchen. You won't want to miss it!
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Favorite Faith Resources

Hi friends! One of the questions I get a lot on Instagram and in emails is what my favorite faith-based resources are. I'm happy to answer, though I'm not a pro, just trying to study God's word the best I can. It doesn't always happen the way I want it to or for the amount of time I want it to, I'll be honest. But I think God sees our hearts! My husband and I have made a goal to try to fill either our ears or eyes with God's word every day in 2019. This might come in the form of an in-depth Bible study or it might be simply listening to a podcast or Christian music. Either way, we want to set our minds above and learn as much about God as we can this year.  

Here are some of my favorite resources for deepening our walks with God.

1. I have read a couple books in the past year that I absolutely loved. Here they are:
- None Like Him, Jen Wilkin
- In His Image, Jen Wilkin
- How We Love, Milan & Kay Yerkovich *This is a marriage/relationship book but they are Christians and infuse their faith in it.
- The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp
- Growing in Gratitude, Mary K. Mohler  *not quite done with it, but loving it!

A couple more of our favorites:
- Nothing to Prove, Jennie Allen
- Women of the Word, Jen Wilkin
- The Holiness of God, R.C Sproul
- Mere Christianity, C.S Lewis
- 1000 Gifts, Ann Voskamp
- The Cost of Discipleship, Bonhoeffer

2. A couple podcasts (and one movie) that have also been encouraging, convicting and equipping:

- Ask Pastor John, with John Piper: a couple times a week John Piper answers questions in 15 minutes or under. He's one of the most solid Bible and gospel teachers I know, so my husband and I really value these! Desiring God is also one of our favorite websites to read faith-filled content.

- Journeywomen Podcast, with Hunter Beless: I have a hard time finding true gospel-rich resources, but friends, this one is SO on. Each Monday Hunter brings on a woman who loves the Lord to interview them on a specific topic for about 45 minutes to an hour. Even if I am not interested in the topic that week, I always listen and I'm always convicted and pointed to Jesus. You can head here to check out all the episodes and play the topics that interest you! I think you'll find Hunter + all the guests she has on to be really Christ-focused. It's practical and encouraging! (By the way, they're on a break now and returning in April with new episodes.)

- Fierce Marriage, with Ryan and Selena Frederick: these two are cute, funny and really have a heart for Godly marriages! I love listening to them discuss topics about marriage in their roughly 50 minute podcast episodes that come out weekly. 

- Knowing Faith, with Jen Wilkin, JT English and Kyle Worley of The Village Church: I really like Matt Chandler, the pastor of The Village Church, and Jen Wilkin, the women's bible study leader at TVC. I've found this church is saturated in the gospel, the scriptures, and loving people well, so when I found they had a podcast, I was excited. The three hosts discuss different topics and questions each episode and they're typically pretty in-depth, which I appreciate, even if I don't understand ALL of it.
- The American Gospel: In Christ Alone. This is a documentary my husband and I watched a couple months ago and we were shook in the best way. I'm not sure I've heard a more clear version of what the gospel really is according to the Bible, what it's not, and how to live in light of those things. It's 2 hours, so it's long, and you have to rent it or buy it, but friends, trust me when I say it's so worth it! Some of the best, most biblically-sound pastors from all over the US are interviewed and then other believers share their stories of redemption, faith, and coming out of distorted and false theology that the film talks about being the "American Gospel". I can't recommend this enough!

3. Bible study tools:
- Give Me Jesus Journal: I've had this journal for a while and really like it. It's by Well-Watered Women and I pretty much love everything they produce.

- ESV Illuminating Scripture Journals: these are really cool because it's literally just the bible text on the left side and a blank page on the right side to journal and take notes. This is awesome if you're wanting to study the bible inductively (which is just the word for comprehension, interpretation, application...in that order). I don't have one yet, but I'm thinking of getting one!

- Highlighters: I just ordered these highlighters that don't bleed through Bible pages...yay!

The She Reads Truth App: I have been following along with She Reads Truth studies for years-- since the beginning of college actually! When they came out with the app to make it easier to do the studies on our phones, I was really excited. I did their Advent study, along with numerous others last year and they're great. The best thing is, they get you reading the Bible...and A LOT of it! Right now they're in Luke. I'm not doing this study, as I'm doing one in James right now, but I do recommend SRT! They even have a really beautiful Bible.

ESV Gospel Transformation Bible: this is the Bible both my husband and I have. All the commentary seeks to point out Jesus and the gospel, whether it's in the old testament or new testament, which is awesome, because that's who and what the Bible is all about anyways!

Jen Wilkin's Women's Bible Studies: right now I'm doing the James study from 2014 (I think). I'll link to her studies here, but you can listen on the podcast app by searching "Flower Mound Bible Study Jen Wilkin". I printed out the workbook that goes along with the study by scrolling down and finding the study I'm in on this page. It's been so good already and I just started last week. I have done two of her studies before this one.

4. Music: my husband and I both love music. I usually have some on at least during one part of my day. I have noticed that while driving I don't listen to music very loudly, but I love listen to it at a soft decibel (maybe I'm trying to focus in the car ha!) 

- I will often play these playlists created by other resources I've share above: 
Well-Watered Women Word before World
Journeywomen Jams

Shane & Shane (love their Psalms albums)
Rivers & Robots (an indie-folk feeling, really beautiful! We had one of their songs play at our ceremony called The Bridegroom)
All Sons & Daughters
Sovereign Grace Music
Christy Nockels
Rend Collective

One last thing that I got asked about on my instagram last week and didn't cover above: how do you discern what author's to read and listen to? This is such a great question and one my husband and I are really passionate about! Here are the main things I look for:

1. Does what the person says line up with scripture? So important to read the bible for ourselves and not just take what author's say as true at first glance! Dig deep and read in context.
2. Does the author talk about sin as well as hardships and pain? If not, I think they're avoiding something real and crucial to our faith. If they avoid these, then I avoid the author ;)
3. What's the author's main focus in their writing? Consider all their works. Is it mainly about you and how you can improve yourself or live your best life OR do they mostly write about God, Jesus and his sacrifice and his character? For me, I choose not to let in all the "inspirational" writing out there and try to focus on getting sound biblical teaching in my heart, so I always choose the latter. It's all about Jesus, friends!

I hope this is helpful for you. I don't have this all figured out...but these are some things I think are great. Please add to my list in the comments if you have more resources!

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How to Diagnose Your Skin Type

Alright friends, today I'm dishin' on how to figure out what your skin type is and then what cleanser you should be using to make sure your skin routine is off to a good start.
Skincare is not a one size fits all! Some of us have severely dry skin, while some have really oily skin (I'm oily in Summer and sooo dry in Winter!). And because the spectrum is so wide, there are tons of products on the market to suit the skincare needs of everyone.

And, ya know, to throw a wrench in things, whatever your current skincare regimen might be at the moment, might not be what's best for your skin 6 months from now. Awesome ;)

Here's how to correctly diagnose and check in with your skin to see where you fall on the dry vs. oily skin spectrum:

Do this on a day when you're not in a hurry to get ready in the morning. Wash your face, then wait about 30 to 40 minutes before applying any kind of moisturizer. Examine how your clean skin feels after that time.  
This little check-in will help you to figure out what products you should be using! There's no need for you to buy intense moisture creams if you have oily skin or even balanced skin. And in contrast, someone with dry skin will probably want to steer clear of toners that tend to strip away oils.

When it comes to skincare, apart from using toxic-free products, the other important aspect is that you're using the right products for your specific skincare needs.  

Let's start with the right cleanser for YOU:

Nourishing Cleanser / Charcoal Cleansing Bar-- don't let the price tag on this bar of soap scare you. You can use it twice daily and it'll last you 5 months! / Cleansing Balm Rejuvenating Cleanser

I actually use the Cleansing Balm to remove my makeup (the tiniest amount, so the jar lasts forever!), the Charcoal Bar at night after removing makeup, and then in the morning I use the Exfoliating Cream cleanser or Cleansing Balm. This seems to be the perfect routine for me at the moment, but come Summer, I might have to switch it up.

Are you currently using a foaming face wash? You know that squeaky-clean feeling you get after washing your face? That's due to sodium lauryl sulfate, a common ingredient added to face wash to make it foam.  The problem is that Sodium lauryl sulfate strips the skin of the natural oils that our skin actually needs for protection. Even worse, because it removes the skin's natural, protective oil, the body ends up producing more oil (the very thing you're trying to get rid of) to compensate. Crazy, right?!

So plain and simple, sulfates aren't doing dry skin or oily skin any favors. The first step to a great skincare routine is to make sure your cleanser is safe and the right type for your skin. Otherwise, all of the stuff you put on it after cleansing won't do what it's supposed to!

Hope these tips help! Let me know if you have any questions.

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PS. Learn why I'm a Beautycounter consultant here. Let me know if you have questions about safer beauty, join my newsletter here, and email me if you'd like to join my team!
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2019 Thoughts & My Goal

We're in the third week of January, so maybe it's finally time I share my thoughts on the new year and goals. 

Truth be told, January 1st came around and I had some anxiety about it. Everyone was dreaming about and writing out their goals and here I was, someone who normally likes doing goal-related things, feeling so pressured to do the same and pretty overwhelmed about it. When I reflect honestly, I know I don't like change. It makes me nervous and fearful. Anyone else? So a new year can often represent fear because of the unknown in what's to come. Being an Enneagram 3, I do love to set goals! The problem is, if I set a goal and then fail at it, I am very hard on myself. When I set too many goals, I can get overwhelmed, feeling like I can never accomplish all these things at the standard in which I want to! One of the things I love about the Enneagram is that it helps me identify these things about my personality, so I can then put boundaries in place to help myself.

To some a new year can be really exciting, a fresh start! And it is. I'm thankful for a new year; it's a gift, of course. I usually get really into the goals and make tons of them, then by March I notice I haven't even made a dent and start getting defeated. So this year I decided to do a couple different things. First, I wanted to make my goals more about the person I want to become and my identity in Christ, instead of all these things I want to do and change. Next, I wanted to identify a main thing I struggle with and then work to see how I could retrain myself on that thing. The thing I identified in talking with my husband is my need for approval. I hope some of you can relate to this struggle!

I wanted to take this struggle and remind myself that God's approval is the only approval I need, so I came up with a phrase that I want to be at the top of my mind all year long:

In Christ Alone.

I'm hoping this phrase will dictate any goals I come up with this year and any decisions we make!

My husband and I went to coffee (well, hot chocolate for me) two weekends ago and did Jennie Allen's Dream Guide. It's a very open-ended walkthrough of how 2018 went and how we could improve or things we want to focus on in 2019. It was fun to talk about things we did well in our work, relationships, and spiritual lives while also making a couple goals (nothing too overwhelming!) for the upcoming year. I wasn't freaking out while doing it, so I think it went well ;)

A couple things we want to do more of this year:

- be more generous with our time, energy and money
- make more conversation with the people who serve us at restaurants, grocery stores, etc. (personal goal for me is to never be on my phone while checking out at the store, so I can use that 5 minutes to talk to the person! I'm starting to know the Trader Joe's employees by name by doing this for a couple months!)
- be more intentional with each other: go on more dates, pray more at night together, ask each other more questions, have bi-weekly financial meetings to make sure we're making our financial goals happen.
- be more active in order to be more healthy and create good habits. So proud of my husband for this already! (He's also been drinking a gallon of water every day since Christmas, which is amazing!)
- enjoying our jobs! We each have a couple work-related goals.
- gratitude

A couple of things we want to do less of this year:

- I am working on NOT reaching for my phone when I wake up. I'm not scrolling or checking any social media before spending time with God in the morning! So far, it's going really well and I see a difference in how my attitude is throughout the day when I do this.
- comparison, plain and simple!
- looking to others for approval and putting too much weight on other's opinions of us.
- spending

Anyways, I'd love to hear from you ladies! How does the new year make you feel? Do you like setting lots of goals, or what's your tactic this year? Can any of you relate to anything I described? I hope if you can, this helps you feel less alone in the struggle and less pressure to come up with tons of goals to accomplish this year. Lets be gentle on ourselves, while still setting out to do good things!

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Top 18 Favorite Things in 2018

Okay friends, to kick off my first week back to blogging, I'm sharing 18 of my favorite things from 2018 with you. And make no mistake, these are THINGS...like, material stuff. No shame ;) Maybe you'll find one or two things that you want to give a try!

1. Cleansing Balm. I had previously been taking off my makeup with coconut oil, but when the skin around my eyes got ridiculously dry and itchy, I stopped and the problem cleared up. I still needed something to remove my eye makeup, so I tried this cleansing balm since it is one of Beautycounter's top performing and top selling products. It not only removes makeup, but it also is a literal healing balm for my dry, winter skin! It's ultra moisturizing but doesn't clog pores. I will always have this in my bathroom cupboard!
2. T3 Curling Iron. I got this for Christmas and am obsessed, as I suspected because of the reviews! I did a quick tutorial on it in my Stories last week, saved to my highlights. Hope it's helpful! If you have a Macy's card, you might be glad to know they sell it there, too. 

3. Blondo Waterproof Booties. You know my love for these, because I talk about them embarrassingly often. This year I got a higher heel pair at the Anniversary Sale and they are awesome! I love them SO much. This is the pair I got in 2017 and this is my new pair. They don't have a ton of sizes left in that style, but this one is super similar.  They're all on sale now!

4. Tory Burch Sandals. My mom got me these for my birthday in 2017 but since my birthday is in November, I couldn't wear them until spring 2018 ;) I wore them pretty much ALL summer because they are so comfortable and durable. I have the patent leather, so wearing them in rain wasn't a problem. A client was getting rid of a pair of her pink ones in December, so she gave them to me-- I am so excited to wear these in 6 months. (That's really depressing actually...ha!!) PS. This leopard pattern is on sale.
5. Super soft Target long sleeve tee. I just bought my third one of these the other day. Can't stop, won't stop. At $9.99, there really is no softer long sleeve I've found! I wear it to sleep in and under a knit sweater to go out in. Truly versatile ;) I have pink, light gray, and mustard yellow (so cute in fall).

6. Strawberry Acai Refreshers from Starbucks (with no strawberries inside). I can't have caffeine, so this drink is perfect for me! It actually has the tiniest touch of naturally derived green coffee extract in it, but it doesn't affect me, so I'm all good. It's sweet and refreshing, but not too many calories.

7. Long necklaces. I wear my Kendra Scott necklace the most, but have a collection of a couple favorite longer necklaces and they're usually the ones I want to pair with most outfits!
8. Kut from the Kloth Jeans. I got my first pair during the Anniversary Sale and love them! They seem to be the pair I always reach for. They're soft, have some stretch without needing to be washed with every wear, and I love the wash color. 

9. Magnolia Table Cookbook. I have made a couple recipes out of here and really loved them all!

10. Rothy Flats. Click here to get $20 off! I love these so much, I can't even tell you! Ironically they arrived one day before snow hit here, so I haven't been able to wear them in Michigan at all, but I did wear them a lot in CA during my trip there in December. They are so comfortable and both the entire shoe and the insert are machine washable. They come in rounded toe and loafer styles, too!
11. Sundays Studio clean nail polish. So many great colors and safe to use!! And they last so much longer than traditional polishes I've tried like OPI and Essie.

12. Brightening Face Oil. I use a drop of this on my skin every other night before bed, after washing my face and before moisturizer. If my skin is really dry, I use it in the morning, too! Smells like citrus, brightens and moisturizes my skin.
13. Primally Pure non-toxic deodorant. After trying a couple brands, this is by far my favorite. It keeps me smelling great all day, even though I still sweat a little (but sweating is good and natural!)

14. Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray (yes, this made the list because I used it in a couple client's homes and I love it!)

15. Patterned laundry room floors. Alllll the heart eyes!
16. Jen Wilkin's book, None Like Him. This was such a good book for me, because it was solid truth reminders of who God is and what his unique characteristics are that make him God.

17. Getting my eyebrows under control with my friend Janelle at Grand Rapids Natural Health! I do a tint and wax every 8ish weeks. This isn't a tangible THING per se, but it's definitely one of my favorite things I've done in 2018. Proof (also, yikes at the before...)

18. Peppermint oil + my hot pack. I've been dabbling in essential oils these last couple years and peppermint is for sure my favorite, most effective oil. I use it on my temples and the back of my neck if a headache comes on and it really helps it! I also use it on my stomach if a get a stomachache and it tends to soothe it. A runner up oil is Valor and I use this at night on the bottoms of my feet (apparently our feet have large pores that soak in the oils faster) and on my chest so I can smell it. I swear to you, Valor helps me fall asleep faster (I used to struggle with being overwhelmed and thinking too much about the next day at night, which would hinder me getting to sleep). Ever since using it, I've fallen asleep quicker and slept very soundly. I even have extremely vivid dreams!

And lastly, my hot pack. I can't believe I haven't talked about this before, but I literally use it every single day of my life, multiple times a day in the winter. It's a pack filled with beans/rice (I can't remember exactly what) and you heat it up for 2 min in the microwave. I put it on my shoulders in the morning to warm up and relax my shoulders. I use it for cramps during that time of the month and I put it on my back if that's ever hurting. Every night before bed, I heat it up and fall asleep with it. I think this triggers my brain to know it's bedtime (because it's part of my routine) and the smell helps relax me (it smells like an herbal tea, which I love). 

What are some of your favorite things from 2018?!
Happy Wednesday :)

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New Year Q&A

Happy January 7th! Can't believe we're already in the new year. Feels like it was just Halloween or something! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We spent NYE with friends for the first time since being married and it was a blast. I actually made it past midnight which is a miracle ;) I decided to start the new year of blog posts out with a Q&A of some of the questions I got on my Instagram poll. Here we go!

1. What daily devotionals do you do or do you do any at all?
I don't read a specific devotional book every day of the year, but I'm usually doing some sort of devotional, study, or reading a book that encourages me in my faith and teaches me about God. Usually I follow along with the She Reads Truth study. This is an app that you can download the current (and past) Bible reading plans for, or you can follow along for free on the website (a little less user friendly, but still a great resource!) Right now they're in Luke! 
I'm actually not doing this study right now, because I'm doing a study on James by Jen Wilkin, who's one of the Bible study teachers I've been blessed by most on my journey with Jesus. All of her books have been so helpful and one of the things I've learned most from her is HOW to actually study the Bible. First, she encourages us to read the whole book or passage so we have context surrounding what we are reading. Just like we'd never open a novel in the middle of the book and try to understand what's happening, we also want to be mindful of reading the Bible the way the author's intended. After reading, the first step is comprehension, which asks "what does it say?". Then we move to interpretation which asks "what does it mean?" without looking into any commentaries first and instead really gleaning what WE think it means (solid biblical commentaries are okay after that!). Finally, we end with application which asks "how does this change me and how do I live in light of it?" Often times, we're quick to jump to the third step which makes what we read about us instead of what the Bible is really about, which is God Himself. 
Anyways, love her studies! I just searched for Flower Mound Women's Bible Study Jen Wilkin on the podcast app and chose one (or here is the direct link to it on Podbean). From there, the Bible study packet is linked in the show notes or you can find them here on Jen's website. Thanks to my friend Nicole for telling me about the workbook!
One thing I want to say here is I think it's really important to just be reading the word of God. You don't need a fancy app or to be reading through a book on a certain topic. Just read the Bible, first and foremost, sisters. I don't think we can get all God has for us by reading Jesus Calling or an inspirational book that happens to be sold in the "faith" section of the bookstore. That said, there are lots of helpful books and resources out there like some great podcasts and other books. I'll be sharing some of my favorite reads from 2018 with you in a post coming soon.

2. What's your Bible study structure?
I try to do my Bible reading in the morning, but sometimes I don't have time and will do it in the evening with my husband. Like I said above, I'm usually reading through a book of the Bible or following a reading plan + reading another book at the same time. I don't always get to both. I find that if I don't do my reading in the morning, I don't usually get to it, so I'm trying super hard this year to do it in the morning, even if it means getting up earlier than I'd like.

3. Favorite books from 2018?
I'll cover this in my post coming soon on more of this topic! 
4. How'd you find your style? You always looks so cute and comfy.
Oh my gosh, sweetest thing! I totally don't feel like I have "found my style", but I do always try to keep a few things in mind when I buy clothes. 1. It has to be comfortable. I'm highly allergic to wool and anything itchy, so I have to be comfortable in it! Because of this, I have a lot staple items, like this tee I linked to yesterday. I also live in leggings and sweaters and to be honest, sometimes PJ's in the winter months ;)  2. I like feminine looking things with sweet details like ruffles, bows, a trim detail or something cute like that. 3. Color. I tend to go for lighter pastel colors like grays, creams, pinks. I have a couple darker things, but not many. 4. Layers. I get cold very easily, so having things I can layer with is key. In winter, I have a couple chunky cardigans I wear over tops and then still layer with big puffy coats. In summer I have a few sweaters and then take my denim jacket pretty much everywhere!
I think I "found" my style by seeing what other people wear and what I gravitate towards. I always have my interior design client's pin their favorite spaces on a board and then look through it to find commonalities when I'm designing their home. I think the same would be helpful to find your style!
5. What made you want to become a Beautycounter consultant?
This is a fun one! My friend Carmel sent me some products to try once and I was truthfully pretty hesitant. I have sensitive skin so I didn't want anything to happen to it by trying new products! I did end up trying them after MUCH research and really, really liked everything she sent me to try. Around this time I was also doing lots of research on making sure my home cleaning products were well, clean and safe. I didn't want any toxic chemicals in them that could effect our bodies. My husband's father had just passed away from cancer, so I was feeling very overwhelmed with trying to implement things now to live a healthier lifestyle. If I was so worried about cleaning products and what we put IN our bodies, I realized I should probably consider what I put ON my body. 
I started doing more research on the cosmetic industry and realized all the horrendous things I was putting on my body definitely contribute to my health. I was not okay with putting hormone and endocrine disrupters on my body (especially when we do eventually want to have kids!), much less cancer-causing ingredients. Beautycounter works to get laws changed and passed to actually better the future of the cosmetic industry and get safer products into the hands of everyone. 
Well, after coming to trust the company, I decided to sign up to be a consultant because of the discount, people. Let's be honest...25% off is a nice deal ;) But then after using them more and telling my friends about them, I realized this had potential for being a really great addition to my business. I had been sharing clothes and design tips for years, so why not share what makeup and skin care I use, too? It seemed to fit in so naturally. And once I started sharing, you guys were pretty interested in it, too! I have loved getting safer beauty tips in your hands for the past year through my monthly newsletter. Beautycounter has been a blessing to our family both financially and health-wise! 
Let me know if you ever want to learn more about the products or if you'd want to join my little team.
6. Do you enjoy thrifting?
Sadly, I actually really do not :( I hate that I might be disappointing people on this one, but I just don't have a ton of patience for this. Now, if I'm looking for a vintage piece of furniture, then yes, I'll do that. But thrifting for clothing is not my jam. 
7. How tall are you?
5'5" exactly! 
8. Where are your favorite local places to shop for decor?
I have a couple faves! My number one is Dwellings, followed by Blue Door Antiques, the Found Cottage, and a couple other boutiques. I can sometimes find fun stuff at Nordlies, which is a wholesaler, but they don't do returns, so I'm not a huge fan of that. I also love World Market for accessories.
9. How do you curl your hair?
See highlight on my instagram for this one!
10. What first attracted you to your husband?
First thing I noticed was his kindness and his smile. After just a few conversations, I knew he had a good heart! As we got to know each other more, I learned about his heart for God, for always growing and improving, and for seeking truth for himself, which were all things I loved. I could see how generous of a person he was right away as well-- something he got from his Dad -- and that was a huge quality I fell in love with. This post goes more in depth on this!

11. Do you have any plans of moving into a house soon?
Ha! Are you reading our minds?! ;) We've lived in this apartment since we got married in 2016. It's a 1 bedroom, 1 bath and it's small. It's worked so well for us for these few years, but we definitely need more space especially since we have a dog now. He needs a yard!! I need an office so badly. So yes, we are going to plan to start looking at other living situations. We're going to explore a couple of options, so we're not sure if we will buy (and if we'd do a fixer or what?!) or rent, but we will definitely be moving this year to gain more space and a yard. And as of now, we will be looking in Michigan. My husband loves his job, which he got back in February of 2018, so living here for at least another year or two is in our short-term plans. But you never know what God has in store! 
12. How did you start your business?
I wrote a whole series of posts on that! You can find part one, part two, part three and part four. 
Essentially, I started my blog in college and when I graduated I had enough readership and enough people asking for my services that I was able to start my business right away. Of course I worked for designers in the beginning to get experience, too. I've been so thankful to be able to do what I love and run my small business ever since 2014. 

13. Do you recommend going to school if you want to become an interior designer?
Good question! I do think that school gives you an edge on other designers-- you learn so many things there like Auto CAD, Photoshop, and specific skills you'll need for dealing with materials, etc. That being said, I don't think you HAVE to go to school to be successful at interior design. There are thousands of designers who are self-taught. I'd just say to work with a firm or another designer first!
14. What's your Enneagram number?
Love this. I'm a 3 wing 2. That's the Achiever with the Helper as my wing. My husband is a 9 and I'm pretty sure his wing is 1 (Peacemaker / Individualist).  I've found this to be a common pairing, which is kinda cool! If you want to take the "test" you can find it here, but also make sure to read through the types and see where you THINK you fit. The test is a good guide, but really looking into the 9 types is the best gage of your true number. This has been really cool as a resource to learn more about myself and my husband!

15. If you could hire out one thing, what would it be?
HANDS DOWN, someone to cook for me for every meal. I just really don't like doing it-- I want to be so good at it, I really do, and I'm just not. So, I'd rather outsource ;) Getting Blue Apron or Hello Fresh once month is really helpful so I don't have to think of what to make / go grocery shopping. 

That's it for today! Let me know if you have any other questions for another Q&A down the road :)

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