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It's the end of the first month of the year, which means that a lot of us are decluttering, tossing things out, and watching a whole lot of Tiding Up to get inspired by Marie Kondo ;) I haven't watched an episode yet, sheerly because I'm scared that if I do, I'll be on a mission to throw everything away that we own! If you have watched, let me know how you like her methods and what you've done to your house since in the comments. I'm so interested!
One of the ways you can get a handle on your clutter is by finding stylish storage solutions. These would be things like benches or ottomans that double as hidden storage, bookcases or builtins with some closed storage, filing cabinets, or baskets. If you don't have a ton of money or space to work with, baskets are your friends. You can add them to the bottom of your bookshelves, in your bathroom cupboards to assist with giving everything a place, put one next to your sofa or nightstand...they can go pretty much anywhere! 
Baskets can hold anything from dog toys (just us?!), blankets, pillows, kids toys that you want out of sight when people come over, mail, TV remotes and more. Here are some of my favorite baskets-- all really beautiful and functional!
A couple of the baskets in Target caught my eye last week while wondering the store (something that seems to happen at least once a week...) 
target natural + white stripe 

 round basket fringe
Have you tidied up in January yet? I always try to do a little of this while putting away Christmas decorations and with us moving in a couple months, I SHOULD probably watch some Marie Kondo to get prepared ;)
Happy Tuesday!
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