Best Faux Plants (GASP!)

Look, let's be honest. We don't all have time to take care of a fiddle leaf tree (let alone one that thrives!) or maybe you just didn't seem to get a green thumb. Faux plants are generally frowned upon, but I have found a few that look prettyyy darn good and thought I'd share them with you today. Greenery always makes a home look fresh and inviting, so hopefully these faux plant ideas will help your home look great, while sparing you the headache of actually keeping the greenery alive ;)

1. Succulents in terrarium:

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig:

3. Dried Boxwood Wreath:

6. Tulips:

Really, anything Magnolia sells looks pretty on point! I thought they looked great when I was there last year to visit. Ikea sometimes has great faux plants as well. 

Faux plants are especially great for places that don't get a lot of natural light, while real plants are great for areas of your home that receive lots of indirect (or direct, depending on the plant) light. If you DO have real plants in your house, which I do, be sure to rotate them every so often so all sides get exposure to the light.

Do you have any faux plants in your home? Time to spill the beans ;)

Happy Monday!



  1. I recently purchased a magnolia wreath at Hobby Lobby (50% off at $25) that looks identical to the Magnolia market wreath. They have great faux boxwood wreaths too.


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