Hair. Make up. Camera. Action!

A few weeks ago, my hair dresser, Lindsay, asked me to do a photo shoot for her to show off some of her amazing hair styling talents!! I already loved her, but after our day together, I loved her even more.  I felt like a princess: she brushed my hair, curled it, did my makeup.  The whole nine yards.  My kinda day (:  Because frankly, I love playing dress up.  I also had the privileged of meeting Lindsay's friend, Jay, who took the pictures for the shoot.  He's so talented!  And he had just bought a totally cool new camera, so it was double the fun.  Here are some of the pictures from the shoot!

How amazing is this updo? WOW.  She will do my hair for my wedding (:

Love this style!  And it's easy to do!  Just a diagonal side french braid with a messy bun at the end.  Sometimes I do a pony tail at the end, too. You can see my version of it here.

French braid headband.  Start at one side of your ear and add in hair all the way to the other ear.  Looks like a headband made of hair!

If you ever need a photographer, e-mail Jay at
And if you want your hair to look BEAUTIFUL, e-mail Lindsay at  They're great, I promise!

Happy weekend!

Love and Playing Dress Up,


  1. OMG! Your are beautiful,lol!

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Awesome pictures. Not sure I had seen all of those yet. They are both so talented and you are beautiful! Must be the genes (or the dress) haha. So proud you are my daughter!

  3. Gorgeous ! You are so Pretty!

  4. Thank you Yelena! You are too sweet!! (:


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