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For this post I did something different.  A few weeks ago before I moved, I decided to collect the "sounds of home" I love the most, just to keep as memories.  Since this is an interior design blog, and the home is so prevalent in this line of work, it just makes sense to reflect on the feelings a home brings to the soul.  While we strive to create beautiful aesthetics in the interior of houses, it's most important to cherish the memories we make inside, wherever home may be for you.

I'm sitting in my bed room, a good distance from the family room, listening to my mom, dad and brother watch the 49er game.  Yes, I said listening to them watch the game.  They are screaming.  This time, because something good happened.
I just started packing.  My brother is taking a bath after baseball practice.  I hear the water running, but now it's being drown out by his singing.  It's a song from Children's Church that he taught his 3rd grade boys.  Don't tell him I told you (;
I shout down the hall, "Colin, let's go get ice cream! It's only 9:45!" Baskin Robbins closes at 10.  He says, "Really, Michaela? Two nights in a row?"  I give him the get-in-the-car-and-don't-remind-me-we-were-there-last-night look.  Two minutes later I hear my engine starting and my tires peeling out of the driveway.  I had to...I mean really, we only had 12 minutes to get there before closing at that point.
My dad just cracked another joke.  He likes puns.  And I'll be the first to say he is funny.  Very funny, actually.  Partly because he thinks he's funny (:
My mom calls me in her bedroom to make sure her outfit is cute before she leaves.  But she really doesn't need my help at all, because she's always cute.
More cheering.  It's the Giants this time.  We're in first place in our division!
Colin and I are driving to In 'N Out, because Seattle doesn't have them.  What a crime, I know!  The drive-thru is taking a long time, so we start talking about Jesus.  I look up to my younger brother, it's official.
"DAD", I scream.  There was a spider in my room. He got it, don't worry (:
It's 1am and I'm still up.  Just watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  I hear little feet coming down the hallway.  Shasta pokes her head through my door and stares at me with her brown eyes.  It's her way of asking if we can have a sleepover.  I said yes, of course.
The front door shut loudly.  It's Colin, I know because he always slams the door "on accident".  He's laughing and says, "The funniest thing happened at school today", and proceeds to tell me that a dance off took place in the quad.

 And that is what I will miss about being away for the school year!  The sounds of my home, of my family, of my world.  As life goes on and we get older, our dreams take us different places, and that's exciting.  Our world becomes what we're passionate about.  But one thing always remains.  Home.

Happy Friday! Spend lots of time with your family this weekend (:

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