{Design Project} Bay Area Family Search

As a way to expand my portfolio, I'm on the search for a family living in the Bay Area, California this summer, who would be willing to let me design a room in their home. If you're looking for design help in your home and live in the SF Bay Area, I'm looking for you!

Here are the details:
- I would help you design a room in your home from start to finish
- Design services would be free!
- You just need to be willing to complete the design {and have a reasonable budget!}
- You must give permission for photos to be taken of the space and used in my portfolio and on the blog
- BONUS if you think your style reflects mine :)

If you are interested in this, please email me with:
- The room you would like to redesign
-A picture of the space
- A little about you {ie. where in the Bay Area you live}

Please spread the word! I can't wait to see who emails me and get started on the project :) Feel free to check out my Projects Gallery for past design projects, inspiration boards, and client rooms.

Have the best Thursday! Back tomorrow with a new design plan for my bedroom back home...can't wait to show you.


  1. Someone in the Bay area is going to be extremely lucky!

  2. I agree with Lauren! Tweet this later and I'll RT... and ask Cristin, Kate and Courtney Out Loud to RT too since they're in the area! : )

  3. I would SO love to win - sent you an email with the deets :D

  4. Michaela! I think you have a typo! It should read: MIAMI area. ;)

    Your work is beautiful. What a great photograph to feature.

  5. My brother and sister in law live in Burlingame! I am totally telling her to email you!!!

  6. One family is going to be VERY lucky to get your design services for free! I wish I lived in SF! ;)



  7. Lucky duck whoever gets this!! So exciting :D


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