Hues of Spring

First off, thank you so much for your sweet comments on yesterday's post! Henry and I enjoyed reading through the comments together. We took great notes on your long distance relationship advice :) We're feeling really blessed by your encouragement! 

I'm just coming off Spring Break, so pardon my SPRING brain! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite springy hues.  I can't get enough of the turquoise, yellow, tangerine and pinks of the season.

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What are your favorite colors of Spring? 

Hope you have a relaxing and colorful weekend :) I'll be busy doing some DIY projects, putting together a little Easter basket for my man, and catching up with friends!
What are your plans?

Quick question- is there a design topic you're dying to learn more about? I'd love to write on specific topics if you have burning questions! :)


  1. I am currently loving a pale cream with a barest hint of rose (we're going to paint our living room in the next few months) and a pale yellowy green, and of course, my lovely turquoise!

  2. mmmm... i love the colors. so fresh and lovely. I'm currently adoring several shades of pink, seafoam green, and of course, i always like white and cream colors. Have a good weekend!

  3. I love that bedroom in the last photo! Orange and green are some of my fav spring time colors. And I'm all into the "mint" craze as well this season!

    Have a great weekend!

    Meg ;)

  4. Loving that last shot...minty green is my favorite hue this spring!

  5. i want that last bedroom as my own. if only the sun would come out in boston...!!! have a great wkdn lady xo

  6. Loving all these springy hues, too! So pretty. Have a great weekend, lovely!



  7. I am trying so hard to pick a favorite picture, but I can't even narrow it down! I'm loving lavender and french blue this spring, especially paired with sunny yellow...though I can't deny that I love mint too! :) Have a happy weekend, love!

  8. great post love! & blog as well!
    say hi back sometime?!
    happy weekend <3333

  9. These are all beautiful! I am definitely in to light blues, golds, and corals right now! Would love any advice on decorating living room walls - we are about to move into our first house! Especially around a flat screen tv - how to make that "less" electronic and more beautiful!

  10. oh my, I love that last bedroom - I so want that desk. I love a pretty turquoise.

  11. I love that last photo! I need that bedroom in my life!

  12. I love that last photo! I need that bedroom in my life!

  13. the first kitchen got me falling inlove. i love everything about it. :)


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