She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Today I'm popping in to share a few quick things I'm loving and one thing we're not diggin' at all around here.

1. I worked on a fun How-To feature for a particularly exciting publication last week with my talented friend and photographer, Nicole Dianne. Here's a sneak peek!

2. This pretty lady and her stunning home tour are in the latest edition of Rue Magazine. Love her, love her style. Check it out! {The whole issue is drool-worthy!}

3.  My best friend is having her baby next week and I'm soooo excited for her! God has truly blessed them with this precious baby boy and I can't wait to see his face, and see Ashley as a mama. My heart is aching to be there when he's born, but September will have to do! You'll get to see his nursery I designed and Ashley executed next week. Stay tuned. Here's a peek for now...

1. Our sweet girl, Hope, has seriously hurt her knee. She tore her ACLS, and we now have the daunting task of keeping her from jumping, playing, running, and walking. She basically has to lay down 24/7 for this to heal. We find out next week if she needs surgery. If you think of her, say a little prayer please :) She's the most fun-loving, energetic dog on the planet, so keeping her still and laying down will be no easy task.

What are YOU loving and not loving this Wednesday?!


  1. Can't wait to see the nursery. Praying for Hope. Keeping her still will be no easy feat.

  2. Sending prayers for hope! I hurt my knee this week too so I know how your sweet girl must be feeling. :(

    Chelsea & The City

  3. Love the little sneak peek - can't wait to see the entire thing! And I'm so sorry about Hope - I hope she feels better asap :( I'll send a little prayer out for her!

  4. Hey Michaela! Oh no...Hope. :( I hope she's getting rest and feeling better. Can't wait to see more of that nursery, I know it's going to be adorable, you have such good taste! Miss you! It's so weird not working!

  5. I pray for Hope! Cant wait to see your How-to!

  6. Loving that classes are over for the summer as of tonight!!! Not loving that the summer is almost over!!!

    I will say a prayer for your sweet dog :D

  7. Love this little feature. and such exciting happenings! praying for your sweet pup x

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  9. how is hope? my dog tore his ACL awhile ago and for the last 3 months we have been helping him heal since he can't do the surgery!


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