Apartment Update: My Dining Chairs Arrived!

Last week my dining room chairs arrived! I love having an actual table and chairs now...hooray!

Not only do I love having chairs, I specifically love these from 55 Downing Street! They're so perfect for the style of my apartment- updated shabby chic. The tufting is just feminine enough to dress up the dark wood table, and the chair's legs match surprisingly well with the table. I couldn't be happier :)
dining room, dining chairs, tufted dining chair

Dining Chairs / Curtains: Crate & Barrel, but sold out :(

The chairs are really comfortable and look pretty expensive (they're not! You can steel a pair for just $350, which is a wonderful deal.) Oh, and I only got two chairs, because my dining table is tiny at just 36" diameter. The dining room is so small itself, that it really couldn't take any larger of a table. Two chairs look perfect around the table, and accommodate McCann and I. When I have friends over, we will just pull up a cute bench I have in another room. Should work well! 

Do you like?! 
I can't wait to show you more of my apartment soon. It's really coming along! 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love your new dining chairs Michaela! Your apartment looks beautiful. Fun to get a peek!

  2. LOVE those chairs! I want some like this for our dining room!


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