Flower Arrangement: Spring is Here!

Happy second day of Spring! I love Spring! Flowers start blooming, the weather starts getting a little warmer (please!) and we're that much closer to Summer :)

In honor of Spring, I'm sharing a floral recipe today.

Flowers: garden roses, alstroemeria, stalk.
Materials: vase, tape, shears.

Step one: tape your vase in a grid shape. This will offer support to your flowers and keep them from falling over in the vase.

Step two: start with some greenery blooms. I love alstroemeria!
Step three: fill in with your feature floral. In this case, it's my garden roses.
Step four: layer with your accent floral-- the stalk was mine!

Images by Michaela Noelle Designs / Last image by Ashley Slater Photography

I picked up all of these flowers at my local wholesale flower market! It was fun to create something with such pretty pinks. Flowers always bring me so much joy-- the beauty of the intricate petals, the colors, the design of each flower being entirely different different from one another. Just gets me!

Let's all go grab a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the first week of Spring!
Happy Monday


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