Men's Fashion: Wood Watch & Giveaway

Last week we received some happy mail: a really cool and sleek wood watch from JORD. With Father's Day coming up, I thought this could be a neat gift for the dads! It's a unique and creative gift that dad's wouldn't be expecting. They might be expecting a new watch; but a wood one?! I think you'd surprise them in the best way.

Anyways, my fiancé McCann really like to wear watches. And I like him IN watches also-- they help dress up an outfit just a bit :) We picked out this Fieldcrest Zebrawood watch. The wood is insanely beautiful and the quality is impeccable (Insert thumbs up emoji here!) I think it's safe to say McCann will be getting a lot of use of this new accessory. Besides Father's Day gift ideas, this is a great gift for men in general. 

They also make beautiful women's watches as well. This one is a favorite of mine! While I'm not a watch-wearing gal (never have been, not sure why!) these wood looks do make me want to start wearing them a bit. 

Want to win $75 towards your own watch?! Here's how to enter:

Just click right here and you'll be directed to the JORD website. Enter the giveaway on their page! The giveaway ends on 6/17/16, so be sure to enter soon. Even if you don't win, you get a $20 gift card just for entering! Now that's a deal :)  (The $75 voucher will expire on 9/6/16, and the $20 e-gift cards will expire 1/1/17)

Good luck!

Wooden Wristwatch
Wooden Wristwatch

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