The Sweet Petite

About a week ago my friend Jenna (who works for Lulu & Georgia!) sent me the sweetest package (literally). It was filled to the brim with DELICIOUS cookies! I'm just so excited for her and her new venture, The Sweet Petite. Jenna is a phenomenal baker, so it's the perfect fit for her. Now people all around the country will be able to get a taste of her treats! Look at how cute the packaging is:


The white chocolate waffle cone with sprinkles was my favorite flavor, but gosh, the chocolate chip cranberry and lavender caramel were close! The flavors of cookies will change every so often, so you can keep going back for more. Also, you can choose from the different adorable box packaging. There's something for every occasion! 

Have I wet your appetite?! Head over to the Sweet Petite to grab yourself some amazing cookies.



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