How to Make Your Home Feel Like "You": Part 1

Our goal should always be making our house feel like a home. No matter the size, location, how much stuff or money you have, I think this is possible! I'm on a mission to help you make your house feel more like "you". In today's first installment of this series, I'm helping you define your style!

1. Define your style. A lot of design clients hire me because they're unsure of their design style. They can pick out things they like (although they might not go together) but they can't put a name on their style. One of the first things I ask clients to do is start a Pinterest board and share it with me. I ask them to pin room interiors they love and could see themselves living in labeling the picture with what they like about the room), then also ask them to pin specific items (like lamps, a coffee table, or styled bookshelves) that they seem drawn to. Hopefully after some serious pinning sessions, you'll be able to see some continuity and similarities throughout your pins. Looking at a board of images all in one place usually helps people see the styles they are most drawn to.

If you don't know what defines specific design styles, here is a graphic I made up just for you!

So what can you do TODAY to help you define your own style? 

1. Start a Pinterest board and pin everything that catches your eye!
2. Label each pin with what you love about the image.
3. After you've pinned 20-30 images, take a look at your board and see what elements are repeated. For example, did you pin a lot of furniture with wood and iron? Perhaps you favor the industrial design style. Do your pins feature neutral rooms with billowy, upholstered and tufted furniture? You might just love yourself the farmhouse chic look!
4. Use this graphic above to help put a name to your style. If you like a lot of different styles together, we call that "eclectic" :)

Stay tuned for Part Two of how to make your home feel like YOU!


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