Trending: Velvet for Your Home & Your Closet


If you've been looking around the stores, shopping online, or spending any amount of time on Pinterest, you know that velvet is having a major moment this season. Beautiful tops, dresses, and even home decor are soft and sleek, thanks to this gorgeous textile. My favorite way to see velvet in an interior is a soft velvet sofa, just like the one above. Ohhh la la. So luxurious!

Below are some great options for you to get in on the trend!


Are you on board?!



  1. I have been dreaming of having a room that would be just right for this light pink futon from the Novogratz at Walmart! My college roommate has one in her NYC apartment and it is perfect in her living room for overnight guests and such a great price. LOVE velvet in interiors!

  2. You and I are on the same velvet wave length today!!


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