15 Winter Date Ideas

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15 Winter Date Ideas:

- Go to a tree farm to pick out and cut down your Christmas tree together.
- Go to breakfast at a new or old favorite spot.
- Spend the afternoon at a coffee shop and play a game or read together.
- Take a road trip for the day to a new or favorite city.
- Go ice skating!
- Go to a fun restaurant in a down town area near you and order something you wouldn't normally get.
- Go bowling (this is one our favorite things to do!)
- Volunteer together.
- Go to a pottery place and paint something together (then the shop fires it and you get to keep it in your house! I'm hoping to do this soon!)
- Create your own wine tasting night by buying a few wine bottles and trying a few sips of each (like a make-your-flight-of-wine!)
- Make a gingerbread house. Or even more fun, make it a competition!
- Take a winter walk and build a snowman.

- Drive through pretty neighborhoods and look at their holiday lights, but first...get a Starbucks together!
- Make smores in your house :)

- Make homemade hot chocolate and talk about your favorite traditions as a kid.
- Find some fun questions online and ask them to each other over coffee or wine. This is a fun way to get to know each other more and have the chance to be silly!

What are your favorite dates for winter time?! If you missed my Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide, catch it here :)



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