Hair Tutorial: The Perfect Curls, Half Up & Fancy Ponytail

Hi friends! Back in January I gave my readers a survey and asked for post topics you were all interested in reading about. I used to do some hair tutorials when I was in college, so I did get a few requests for more of those. Lucky for me, one of my best friends, Chelsea, is a hair stylist (she does my hair here in Michigan! If you're looking for a stylist in West Michigan, let me know and I'll give you her info!), so she was kind enough to come up with a few styles to show you all. Not only was she a bridesmaid in our wedding, but she also did all my other bridesmaids' hair for our big day! You can see them here. My other sweet friend Rachel took all our photos for us.

Anyways, we're doing two styles today + showing you a new way to curl your hair!


1. Section off hair into layers. If you need to spruce up your hair on the second or third day without washing it, I love this Amika dry shampoo.

2. Curl a small section, starting at the mid-to-root area of your hair. Don't start from bottom and roll the iron all the way up.

3. Tip for texture waves: when releasing the curl, twist the hair around the rod. Watch the video to see what we mean...

4. At the hair in front of your ear, curl AWAY from your face. Hair after the ear, curl away, then towards, away, then towards. Alternating every other one.

5. Holding the curl in your hand while it cools will "set the curl", which means it will help it last longer.

6. Run your fingers through the curls.

Half Up Do:

1. Put in a little dusting of Push Powder (or anything that helps increase volume). Tease the base at the crown in sections, then smooth the top section so it's not rough/matted.

2. Gather a section of hair at the crown area, leaving the hair in front of the ear out and maintaining your part in the front.

3. Secure with hair pins-- don't worry about them being seen, as we are going to cover them up.

4. Grab the hair in front of the ears, twisting as you pull it to the back to cover the hair pins from step three. You can try to conceal these hair pins a bit if you want to leave this style down as seen below. If you can't cover the pins, not to worry! We're going to pull the hair into a pony tail and remove the pins that you see.

Tip: be sure to leave out a few strands of hair by the face for an effortless look.

Glam Ponytail:

1. Complete the above steps 1-4 to create your base.

2. Grab the rest of the hair at the base of the neck and secure with elastic.

3. Remove visible hair pins from the twist. Do not remove the original bobby pins we put in in step 1 above, which made up the base of the half up do.

4. Take a small section of the under part of your ponytail and wrap around the elastic to conceal. In order for it to stay put, twist the end of the small section of hair around a bobby pin as shown below. Then secure the pin up through the base of the pony tail.

Twisting it around the bobby pin ensures it won't come unraveled from around the elastic. LOVE this tip!!

I love this glam version of a low pony! I can even see myself making it a bit simpler by doing less twists. Can't wait to play around with it! Let me know how it goes if you try it out :)

Incase you're wondering what products I use, here they are below. I love Aveda & Pureology products. I switch between those two brands for my shampoo and conditioner. I LOVE the Aveda damage control, which also helps detangle your hair -- I put this on first thing out of the shower. I also have both the brushes below, but definitely prefer the Aveda brush. It doesn't even hurt to brush out my hair! I've got some seriously thick locks, so that says a lot.

If you're wondering where I got my shirt, it comes in two colors and they were just restocked! This is one of my favorite shirts ever. It feels like a blanket, it's so soft! And free shipping right now (4/26)

If you're wondering where I got my shirt, it comes in two colors and they were just restocked! This is one of my favorite shirts ever. It feels like a blanket, it's so soft! And free shipping right now (4/26)

Happy Wednesday!


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