July Goals

Happy JULY! I always love this month...it's finally really warm and sunny here in Michigan and the June gloom has worn off. Sometimes we get thunder storms (like this week) but the warmth in the evenings is so nice. I love it! Between my husband's family and mine, we have about 10 celebrations and birthdays this month. It's kind of crazy!

I'm sharing some goals for July below, but first a look back at June.

- Send some friends who live out of state encouraging notes. Did this last weekend!

- Pick my dad out a Father's Day & birthday gift then ship it off to California! I wrote about some Father's Day gift ideas here. We also want to Facetime with my parents on either of these celebrations. We got him a Tommy Bahama's gift card since my parents are going to Hawaii in a few weeks!

- Help my brother and sister-in-law create a gallery wall of wedding photos in their dining room. It turned out SO cute!

- Try some new recipes on the grill since the weather will be nice. I tried a Hawaiian chicken marinade which was delicious!

- Have a wonderful time at our Bloom Workshop next week in Traverse City, Michigan!  I feel like I say this every time, but truly this was one of my favorite workshops!

- Get into a routine of working out 3 times a week. This is going to be hard for me because I just hate working out...I wish I was kidding ;) But the gym is in our complex, so it's ridiculous if I can't make it there!  I had been doing really well on this until I got a stomach virus a few weeks ago! Trying to get back into it now.

- Make meals for 3 couples who had babies at our church.  Yay for friends with babies!

- Celebrate my husband's birthday!!! (First married birthday for him-- so fun!) I want to bake a homemade SOMETHING for him...please send me recipe suggestions! I didn't end up baking anything because it was SUCH a busy week, but we did celebrate it by going to a local brewery with friends!

- Spruce up our patio for summer. Yes! We added the cutest magnolia wreath! I still want to add a few more things, but for now, it's looking better! 

- Follow along with the Romans bible study on She Reads Truth. It's been really good!

- Well, we got a sweet puppy, so my goal is to take him to Puppy 101 class and get him trained really well. He already knows come, sit and down!

- Enjoy Bloom Bash Chicago workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm SO excited for this workshop!

- Go to the local crepe place with my husband for a Saturday morning date.

- Also enjoy appetizers at the wine bar down town.

- Have some friends over to swim and hang out by the pool during these warm evenings.

- Go on a walk every evening with my hubby and our pup, Lincoln! (unless it's storming, of course!)

- Go to the beach

- Take family pictures with Lincoln!

- Hopefully book our tickets to California for August! Yes, the pup is coming too :)

- Get a few married couples together from our church and start a weekly bible study. Really looking forward to this!

- Launch my new blog design-- hooray! It's coming along so well...can't wait to share it + some super fun giveaways!

- This may seem silly, but I want to focus on not checking my instagram stats in July. Comparison is the worst, so I want to focus on being authentic and genuine instead of focusing on what others are doing.

- Start with some really exciting new client projects!

What are some of YOUR goals for July?!



  1. Yay for starting a small group! Ours has been such a blessing to us. :)

  2. Such an exciting month ahead - and I LOVE that so many of them include your pup!!
    Love the bible study too - wish we could start one here at home x

  3. Sounds like a fun month for you!



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