Flourish: Blogger Event

You're Invited to:

It will be a night full of friendsfunshoppinggiveaways and of course, cupcakes and wine {not for me, silly. I'll bring my sparkling lemonade!}

WHO? Anyone who writes a blog and loves pretty things!

WHERE? We're holding the event at Meadow Boutique, you know, the adorable shop I write the blog for. You'll be able to shop the night away for clothes, accessories and home goods (: 

EXTRA INFO Bring business cards to drop in the bowl in order to win door prizes and bring extra to give out to your new blogging BFF's (:

RSVP: to rsvp@maggieroseonline.com and be sure to include your e-mail address so we can post the list of attendees ahead of time. There's some amazingly talented women already signed up!

I can't wait to have an excuse to get dressed up for our party.  I'm looking forward to meeting lots of you in person on March 5th! 

Be sure to spread the word! We want to meet you all (:

Love and Flourish,


  1. I'll email you soon, excited! So I really really want to make it there, but may have something else I have to be at, but will let you know! Thanks for organizing this:-)

  2. I want to come!! :) Too bad I live on the OTHER side of the country :( Oh I just adore your Meadow Boutique blog! New follower :) Wish I lived closer!

  3. sounds like fun! happened to stumble upon your blog and it's so pretty! your newest follower. happy to meet you.


  4. How fun (and pretty) I too wish I lived a lot closer!

  5. So wish I lived close enough to attend!!

  6. Awww I'm so jealous. I really wished I lived closer!! Sounds like ALOT of fun :)

  7. I so wish I could! (I have a birthday party that evening). Bummer! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures! xoxo

  8. this looks like a blast! wish i could come~

  9. This looks like a fabulous event! I wish I was closer!


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