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Happy Monday, friends! It's an exciting day over here, as I'm doing a guest post over at the beautiful interior design blog, Simplified Bee!

If you know me at all, you know I'm obsessed with all things wedding.  I was thrilled the day I found my favorite wedding blog, Hey Gorgeous.  I was even more delighted when I got to know the beautiful author behind the blog, Rhiannon.  She also has her own business, Hey Gorgeous Events.  We've gotten to know each other well and I just love her to pieces.  She also had the most beautiful wedding. Ever.  So I asked Rhi if she'd be kind enough to share her wedding with my readers.  You're going to ADORE it, so get ready!
1) What were the colors and inspiration for your wedding? What were your favorite details?
 Our wedding colours were originally champagne pink, gray, and black but they sort of evolved into a unique colour palette of their own, since I avoided ever being too matchy matchy (pinks, peaches, blues, grays and pops of black). I was inspired by things that were vintage and chic and uniquely representative of Andrew and I. I also tried to keep in mind the aesthetic of our venue as it's an old mansion with lots of character and charm. We didn't want to overdo things and take away from our surroundings so we kept things simple and meaningful.

 Our favourite detail was probably our cake (and it was so delicious) and looked just so pretty sitting there behind us. We had two tiers of chocolate ganache and one large layer of lemon truffle. My mouth waters just thinking about how yummy it was!

2) Let's talk about the dress. Describe the moment you knew it was the one!

The dress. My wedding gown was Diana by Enzoani and was my one huge wedding splurge. I actually found the dress almost a year and a half before our wedding via a bridal magazine and remember thinking how much I loved the gown and how unique the floral sash was; how could I possibly find out where this dress was being sold? Fast forward exactly one year before our wedding date and a friend called to tell me that the dress, my dress, was in fact downtown in my hometown's bridal shop's window. It was meant to be. I went that day by myself to the salon, made them take it off the mannequin, tried it on, knew it was the one. Thanks to my incredible Dad we had the gown paid for within a week. I had the lace straps removed as I thought the straps made me look shorter than I really am (I am 5'1).

3) What was your very favorite, most sweetest memory of the day?
I had so many favourite moments of the day, but I really remember how happy I felt walking back from the lake after our first look right before our ceremony. I just felt so incredibly in the moment and excited to finally become married to Andrew. We were supposed to get married outside but when we made the call on set up I said to just go with being indoors. As luck would have it it started to become so sunny and perfect right as the ceremony started; inside. But I didn't care. Our bridal party and my Dad were all hanging outside waiting to head in and walk down the aisle and my girlfriends kept shrieking, "You're getting married!" and my Dad had a goofy smile on his face the entire time. Plus I felt a nervousness and sense of excitement I just can't accurately describe. It was magical.

4) What was one thing you were extremely confident about going into your big day?
One thing I felt absolutely confident in was walking towards my groom. Nothing will ever be better than that! Oh, and I did adore the decision I made to have my Mom and only my Mom help me get into my gown. It was a really special moment between the two of us and made for some fun photos ops of her and I together. I then had my bridesmaids each help with something else, like my gown's sash and my veil and garter. Getting ready was a lot of fun, like a bunch of girls playing dress up together; I loved that.

5) If you could do one thing over again or change anything, what would it be?
 If I could do it over again, I would have made the rain go away. But then again our wedding wouldn't have been what it was. And I wouldn't change a thing in the world! I am married to the sweetest dude alive and that's all that matters to me!

Venue - Paletta Mansion
Dress - Enzoani, Diana
Photographer - Amanda Wilcher
Cake - I Do Wedding Cakes
Bridesmaids Dresses - J Crew
Paper Products - Papertalk Press
Design/Styling - Hey Gorgeous :)

Told you it was stunning! {I already told her she's planning my wedding} If you'd like to see more of Rhi's wedding and other beautiful weddings she features on her blog, head on over! Also, Hey Gorgeous, the blog, was nominated for best wedding blog- help my beautiful friend out by going to vote for her here!

Love and Weddings,


  1. i love love Rhiannon and her blog. she is the sweetest. and oh so talented! xx

  2. Michaela!! I adore you and your blog and am so grateful for our friendship :) Even if we are just blogger and fb buddies!! I love the feature you did on our wedding so thank you. Love you girl!!

    Sam, thank you too!!! I hated my hair so it's nice to know someone liked it :) xo

  3. lovely post - i checked out the website and im now obsessed too :)

    stop by sometime<3

  4. Those images are just so very gorgeous! And how sweet is Rhiannon??? (c: Heading over there now to pay her a visit...

  5. aghhh I love all of the lace details! And I'm on a balloon craze, I am dying to take a photoshoot with my hubs and run around carrying balloons :)

  6. That dress is gorgeous!! Makes me want a do-over for my wedding... :)

  7. Gorgeous wedding and details! Makes me think that maybe I should post one mine on of these days!

  8. I might be drooling a little bit... what a beautiful event! Enzoani makes such gorgeous dresses too! Loved the story about how she knew she found her dress.

  9. what gorgeous photos! must read more of her blog now! :) thanks for sharing! xo!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  10. lovely photos!! now i must go check out her site! : )

  11. Lovely pictures! I just love the colors! So gorgeous together!

  12. Great feature Michaela and great questions too! I LOVE Rhiannon. Her ideas and creativity are SO unique, and she has a great eye for the small details. I absolutely loved her dessert dresser she showcased last week! :)

  13. Beautiful, glamorous, gorgeous post!!!! Especially that last pic!

    i'm obsessed with weddings too! :)

  14. I love her blog! Great interview!

  15. I love her blog too :) Her wedding was gorgeous!


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