Journey for Jessica!

You may remember a few months ago when I posted about my sweet high school friend, Jessica, who was involved in a serious car accident 2 years ago. She is currently suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury, but is being treated by the best doctors in the world for her injury... all the way in New Jersey! We are so happy that she is able to be there getting the best care.   They work tirelessly with Jessica each day and have been very successful in getting her to swallow baby food, stand in her standing frame, as well as pick up and release objects and at this time they are trying to find a way to communicate with her. Recently, she's been doing well at pressing Yes and No buttons when asked questions! The treatment and intensive therapy is very expensive, and between Jessica's parents having to fly back and forth to NJ each week and the medical bills themselves, the costs are adding up.  

A few times a year, we do fundraisers to help contribute to Jessica's treatment, in hopes of her making a FULL RECOVERY very soon!  We are trusting God that He has a plan for Jess and is working through her along the road to her recovery, in order to touch many people lives.

On July 30th we're holding our annual Walk-A-Thon for Jess!  If you would like to come support her and walk with us {if you're in the SF Bay Area}, or if you'd like to donate or become a virtual walker, please visit Jessica's website, Journey for Jessica.  All of her friends and family genuinely appreciate and thank you for your prayers and donations!

Jessica's amazing mom, Lisa, updates on her condition every week...if you're interested in finding out more about her, like Jess's facebook page to get the updates! Once you "like" it, just click on "Weekly Updates on Jessica" to read them.

Thanks for your prayers (: We're very anxious to get Jess back!
Have a wonderful Saturday!

PS. Come back on won't want to miss the week of giveaway!


  1. This is extremely heartbreaking ;( But thanks for letting us know, definitely going to visit her site and help out. What a beautiful girl, and praise God she's healing the way she is... All our prayer and support, Katie

  2. Thanks for sharing that- definitely going to check it out and donate.I will definitely keep Jessica in my prayers!! I have a special place in my heart for people have suffered TBI's- thats the population I want to work with once I graduate!

  3. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I'll be praying.

  4. How awful... I will absolutely be praying for a full recovery for her, as well as huge success in the fundraiser. Much love!

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I will keep her in my prayers. Where will the walk-a thon be in the SF bay area?

  6. The blogoversary is so exciting! Last time you wrote about Jessica, I've been following her page on Facebook! :)

  7. Praying for your friend Jess! What an amazingly strong woman. Where will the walk be?


  8. oh what a dear heart you are and such amazing strength Jessica has in overcoming the deal life gave her. so heartwarming how you do the fundraisers on her behalf, my prayers are definitely with Jessica. many blessings to all in fact! ♥

  9. My heart breaks for Jessica and her family. I'm adding her to my prayer list and will continue to think and pray for her to recover in good health. God is in control now. Blessings!

  10. My uncle was recently injured in a tree accident, so his family is preparing for a long, slow recovery. It is always sad to hear of these traumatic injuries, and I pray that your friend's recovery continues to go well. xo


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