Day on the Lake Recap

Last week I showed you some of our pictures from the 4th of July week we spent up with my grandparents in the mountains of California, so today I thought it'd be fun to show you some pictures from our day of boating. What better way to start than with our adorable pup?! Yes, Hope wore a red life jacket on the boat and she totally loved it. We could let her jump off the back of the boat without worrying how far she went to fetch her toy. 

She even rode the jet ski with my dad! This picture cracks me up. SO cute.

My boyfriend doing some cannon balls off the boat:

About to go our for our ride on the jet ski: 

My brother and his girlfriend…so sweet!

My adorable mom...

I guess Hope liked the beer, too ;) 

Sleepy pup after a long day on the boat. {So hilarious!} 

This next sequence starts off pleasant with us smiling ;)

He started to joke about pushing me in and then when I said "don't, my glasses will get wet!" he reached over and pulled off my glasses. At that moment, I knew I was going in!

And…about 3 seconds later, I was in the water!

Trying to get him back… didn't go well. Turns out I'm not quite as strong as him ;)

We had the best day on the boat with my family. I wish all weekends were spent like the 4th of July weekend!

PS. There are still a few spots left for Bloom Workshop! We'd love to meet you there! 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love these photos! Especially the last ones of you two. You make such a cute couple!

  2. That last photo is Beautiful! Looks like a fantastic day!

  3. so much fun! love your sweet pup as well :)

  4. Those pictures are SO adorable! Look at you love birds! ;)

  5. What lovely pictures of you and your family. Loved the blog, and actually took some good advice from here. Thank you for sharing.

  6. All the pics are wonderful, but I can't get over the dog, she's amazing. Great photos:)
    Aesthetic Lounge

  7. Looks like an amazing day! Love the ones of your special guy shoving you in the water... so funny :)

  8. such cute pictures and OMG it's sooo blue. i love SUMMER

  9. How fun! You're such a cute couple!


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