Historic Boston Town House Home Tour

Interior Design: Nina Farmer, Photos: Eric Piasecki for House Beautiful

This Boston Townhouse is historic, oozing with charm and style. There's so many elements I love, beginning with the brick exterior. I love brick! Moving into the dining space we're greeted with an entire niche of subway tile. I haven't seen this done a ton, but it's beautiful! The fireplace mantel is gorgeous, bringing in some glam to the home. Velvet couch an pair of occasional chairs? Yes please :) Finally, I love how the home seems to have a fairly consistent color palette: blues, greens, and neutrals but all in different values. The black accents grounds the spaces, which I'm a big fan of. I once heard a designer on Trading Spaces (back in the day-- I think I was 12!) say "Every room needs a touch of black", and that's always stuck with me.

What are your favorite elements of this historic townhouse house?


  1. Love the brick facade as well as that gorgeous kitchen.

  2. I'm in love with that bathroom! The stonework is gorgeous!


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