How to Add Texture to Your Home This Fall

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The key to every warm and inviting home? Layers and texture. When you don't have texture, your accessories might get lost, your color palette will be flat, and you probably won't experience the warmth that these elements of design bring to the table. Fall is one of the best times to add those cozy textures and layers to your space, so I'm giving you my advice today.

Two things to keep in mind:

1. Mix it up.

Opposites attract in regards to combining textiles. Want to cozy up a space? Use a mixture of fabrics; some can be smooth, like silk curtains, and some more tactile, like a fleecy blanket. Hang rustic wood shelves and layer with smooth bowls. Layer a shag over a jute rug. The options are endless. Pairing the smooth, rough, fine, and course textures together will bring everything together.

2. Actual vs. Visual.

Whereas actual texture is tactile and there physical nature of the item, visual texture is the implied look of texture that is seen through different elements of design, like line, shape, pattern and color. Metallic accessories give a great sense of visual texture. It's key to have items with both actual and visual texture in your home!

Practical Ways to Achieve Texture:

Art or gallery wall frames
Rustic, wood elements (the ladder down below)
Rattan trays
Hand towels
Wall finishes-- add texture with your paint sheen, drywall texturing, wallpaper, tile, molding, wood details like wainscoting, etc.
Curtains and window treatments
Vases-- adding flowers, branches, etc. to them will change up the look!

Tying it together:

When you're adding these accessories, furniture selections, rugs, and decor to your home, keep in mind the type of texture they posses and remember to mix it up. A single vase could be glass, ceramic, wood, have a design, appear solid, have a metallic sheen. If you need a tray, consider if you need to add warmth through a woven basket look, a touch of glam with an all mirror tray, a subtle catch-all for mail in a sleek lacquer. Think about what look your room needs, as there are many options!

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Great tips, Michaela! Your photography is stunning. xo


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