2016 Goals

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With a new year comes a lot of new adventures, new challenges, new joys, and new goals. I always like to take the time to write down a few of my goals here on my blog in January. I think it helps push me to actually try my best to achieve them-- getting things out there and telling you guys helps to motivate me!

I've been thinking a lot about a word I want to focus on for 2016. For me, this is just a word I want to remember daily and help guide me through the coming year. Last year my word was "joy", so I started my year with a study on the word joy in the Bible. What is true joy? How could I have joy even when there were hard things to walk through? How could I extend joy to others?

This year we are planning our wedding, there will be lots of traveling for Bloom and other family weddings, so I was thinking of a word to focus on that could help me in the coming year. The word I arrived at is "grace". This year is going to be one of the most memorable years of my life, and with exciting things comes a lot of stress and change. I want to be quick to give myself and others around me grace. Grace to myself and McCann during the stressful times of planning our wedding, grace to others who have lots of opinions about our wedding (ha!), grace to myself in business, grace to my friends when they are struggling. I want to be a gracious person, so this year is all about that.

Some other goals include:

- Do arm weights and work out videos at least 3 times a week. I have to gain some muscle for that wedding dress of mine!

- Try a yoga studio here in town.

- Go to Disney World while in Florida for Bloom (can't wait to check this off my bucket list!)

- Focus more on our marriage than our wedding.

- Save money. No more shopping sprees here! ;)

- Encourage and equip women through our workshops. We also want to sell out all 4 workshops!

- Continue blogging at least 3 times a week.

- Work smarter, not harder or longer.

- Be more present. (ie. put my phone away when McCann comes over for dinner and to spend time together.)

- Be a servant to others. If I see a need, I want to go after it and help right away without hesitation.

- Do more random acts of kindness.

Those are just a few of my goals! What are some of yours?



  1. These are all such great goals! You and McCann are going to have an amazing marriage! I'm hoping to read lots of books this year... and finally move into our new house!

  2. Those are great goals!! Love it :) My word of the year is positivity in all aspects of my life. This year for you is going to be amazing!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Décor

  3. I am so glad that one of your goals is to focus on your marriage and not your wedding. We had a lot of things go wrong on our day but it doesn't matter because I got my sweet hubby in the end. Being in a Godly marriage with your best friend is just plain awesomeness!! ��

  4. Love you friend! 2016 is going to be such a sweet year for you xoxo

  5. Wonderful goals! I still need to get mine written.


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