Fashion: Winter Dress + Dear Husband

We've made it to the middle of the week, which somehow always seems like an accomplishment to me! Today I'm sharing a favorite new look for winter + a little letter to my husband, because he's that great and because I got tons of feedback in my readers survey that asked me to share more personal stories on my blog. Maybe these letters will become a regular part of my fashion posts, we'll have to see ;)

Dear Husband, 

It's been almost 3 years since I've moved to Michigan for you, which means this is my third winter. Gonna be honest, it's not getting any easier to drive in snow or remembering my 37 layers before heading out the door ;) But at least this year we're married, share a home and can snuggle. It's much more bearable to be together in the winter. Thank you for buying me snow tires 3 years ago and for taking me to a high school parking lot to test them out. I was crying, you were laughing. Good times. What would I do without you?!

As you might remember, I bought this dress a few weeks ago without telling you (oops!) but when you saw it on me, you said you liked it (yay!) and it was my reward for living here in the winter. I like those types of rewards! 

Also, thanks for being a good #instagramhusband and taking my pictures in 8 degree weather. I didn't even know one could be THAT cold. I must really love you to continue living in this arctic tundra. I do. I really do love you!


PS. Happy 4th month wedding anniversary!

I'm not sure if you know what 8 degrees feels like-- I really wish I didn't, but thanks to these pictures, I do. This is me trying to stay warm while my husband is cracking jokes and taking his time with the pictures...ha!

DETAILS | Dress- comes in 5 colors and is on sale for under $30! I ordered a size down, which works great! / Herringbone Tights / Booties: almost identical- under $50, similar- under $40, similar / Necklace /

This is such a basic dress that it'd be so easy to accessories and create many different looks. I put together a few outfits below for you! I still can't get over that the leather jacket is only $59!

How would YOU wear it?! I'm sort of thinking of getting the black version of the dress, too. So versatile!

Have a great day!


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