Favorite PJ's For Winter

DETAILSplaid joggers (under $14!) / pink night shirt (55% off!) / thermal snowflake pjs / black floral jersey / lavender plaid joggers / striped pants / sleep tee (5 colors!) / sherpa robe (get additional 40% off with code TAGTIME) / paisley pants (get additional 40% off with code TAGTIME)/

Pajamas are my favorite. Some days I probably stay in them wayyy too long ;) But winter time here in Michigan just makes me want to be in comfy pants all day, every day! #iblametheweather

As soon as the clock strikes 5pm, you can find me in my PJ's! I live in my knit pj's that are close to my body, like these below. These are my faves because they don't ride up when I'm sleeping! Is that a pet peeve of anyone else?!

These are also adorable!!

This is one of my favorite sleep shirts. I have them in lots of colors because they are lightweight and soft!

Do you have a favorite pair of pjs? Happy Wednesday!


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