Happy Halloween with Fall Inspiration

Happy Halloween!! What are you guys doing today? Anyone dressing up?! I have never been a huge halloween fan, though I do love me some fall decor and foods! With my birthday the day after Halloween, I think I was always just more excited for that. I'm also not a huge dress-up person, so the whole holiday rubbed me the wrong way ;) I think when we have kids to dress up one day, I'll get more into it. Because, dangit, my friends' kids are so cute in their costumes.

Anyways, I put together some fun and festive fall inspiration for those who aren't Halloween lovers, like me ;)
neutral dining room / antlers and pumpkins / copper herringbone pumpkins / black heart cocktail / pies / maple spiced cocktailgingham / autumn blessings

Hope you have a fun and safe night trick or treating! It's snowing here today (seriously....SOS) so I'm not sure we'll get any kids to our house. We'll see!

Happy Halloween!

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