Berry Scones & Trader Joe's Favorites

Okay, friends. I don't share recipes on here very much, because well, I'm not a cook! Truth be told, I actually despise grocery shopping. It's always freezing cold, the lights are weird in the store, and I could just think of a million other things I'd rather do. However, I do loveeee Trader Joe's and that's where 90% of my grocery shopping is done, so it's more enjoyable there than anywhere else. And just upfront, this is not a sponsored post in any way, shape or form. Trader Joe's has no idea who I am haha! I just thought, since that's where I mostly shop, I'd share some of my favorite finds! I also want to hear what yours are, because I'm ALWAYS looking for new things to try.

One of the first being their scones. You literally add water and mix it up, then bake them for 13 minutes! They're delicious, however I do doctor mine up a bit by adding some fresh fruit or chocolate chips (they have both types of mixes) and then make my own glaze by combining 2 tablespoons milk, 1 cup powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla. I made them this week and they've been a great afternoon treat!

Some of my other favorite things include:

- Orange chicken
- Rice medley
- Waffles (Frozen section...yep, they're delish)
- Salad with cranberries, candied pecans, bleu cheese, and dressing in a bag
- Cheese platter (it has 4 types of cheese on the platter, perfect for making sandwiches and grilled cheeses)
- Roasted pepper & tomato soup (don't even try the straight tomato one, this one is WAY better!)
- Pizza dough to make your own pizza
- My husband likes the already made BBQ chicken pizza
- Cranberry Apple Juice
- Any of their sparkling lemonades
- Veggie burgers
- Cookie ice cream sandwiches for a special treat (you guys-- hands down, best ice cream sandwiches I've ever had! Thank me later!)
- Spatchcock chicken with lemon in the meat department
- Garlic croutons
- Basil and garlic linguine noodles
- Joe's Honeynut O's
- Oatmeal with chia and flax seeds
- Rasin and rosemary crackers (pair with any of their yummy cheeses)
- Cookie brownie bites

I think that's all I can think of for now. I want to hear some of YOUR faves! Please help a sister out and give me some new ideas in the comments :)

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  1. We love Trader Joe's! I haven't ever tried the scones. Do they come out dry?

    Our favorite things to get there are the pico de gallo in the refrigerated case (hot or mild), the Super Spinach Salad (premade single serving), the garlic and herb pizza crust (make it into pizza or bread sticks), the olive oil kettle chips, the dark chocolate sea salt caramels, and any of the sparkling waters. Their mango lemonade is fantastic in the summer (on ice or spiked). And I love the holiday! The peppermint joe-joe's are the best (especially the dar chocolate dipped ones). Actually, I could go on and on. We also do almost 100% of our shopping there. Love it. Hoping you get lots of comments so I can find more things to buy!

  2. Their pumpkin bread mix is so good that I stopped making my own years ago. I make the muffin recipe and throw in some of their chocolate chips, and it's amazing! I like the bagged caesar salad because they don't use anchovies in the dressing, so it works for my vegetarian husband. The chocolate covered peppermint joe joes at xmas are ridiculous. Also love their nitrate free hot dogs (the organic ones are NOT as good. Don't bother). But BY FAR, the absolute BEST thing at TJs are the frozen Pastry Bites with Feta and Caramelized Onion. Make them the next time you have guests as an appetizer, and I guarantee people will go crazy.

  3. Trader Joe's is the best! The everything but the bagel seasoning is amazing, I like it best on hard boiled eggs. The chili lime seasoning is also a favorite- great on chicken and veggies. A new find & now favorite is the pumpkin ravioli- just cook them, then serve with butter and cheese- so good!!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more... I loathe grocery shopping, but Trader Joe's makes it so much better! Some of my favorites:
    Dark chocolate peanut butter cups
    Vanilla and cinnamon tea (only at Christmas... SO GOOD)
    Chocolate chip chewy coated granola bars
    Dill pickle and herbs and spices popcorns
    Peanut butter pretzels
    Edamame hummus
    My husband loooves the tea tree bath products
    I don't eat cheese but my parents rave about the pumpkin ravioli
    I could go on and on!

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    1. Definitely get the Everything But the Bagel seasoning and put it on eggs.
      Their canned tuna is the best too.
      And the frozen, single serving oatmeal is a must

  6. I love Trader Joe’s, and when I can get to one, there are a few times always on my list:
    Candied Peacans- so good on salad
    Pumpkin bread
    And even better? Pumpkin pancake mix...I use it to make waffles and they are ridiculous!
    Mint ice cream sandwiches
    Fettuccine Alfredo-frozen
    Dark chocolate peanut butter cups
    Brownie Mix
    Pesto Marinated Chicken Tenders
    Apple chicken sausages

    This is making me hungry!


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