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We're only a few days away from the best dinner of the year! This year I got asked to make my rosemary mashed potatoes again and I'm really excited (and honored...ha!) to do it! The first Thanksgiving with my husband's family I made a raspberry marshmallow jello that we have always had on Thanksgiving with my family since I can remember. Well, nobody touched the jello except for my husband (then boyfriend) who I forced. I was offended, I'll be honest...ha! Turns out they aren't jello people (and for the record, neither am I, but I love this one). Well, last year I asked if I could make my mom's mashed potato recipe. My mother in law said yes, but I was so nervous over the previous years' flop! Everyone ended up loving the potatoes, I was so relieved. Even better, I got asked to make them again...hooray!

Incase you're looking for a recipe, I do about one russet potato per person attending the meal. We usually make 10-15lbs. After boiling them to get them soft, I mash them up, then put them (usually in two batches) in a kitchen aid mixer. I add a few tablespoons at a time of milk so it's not too runny, then a tablespoon or two of sour cream, almost a full stick of butter, lots of salt and pepper, about a teaspoon or two of minced garlic from a jar, and then about two teaspoons of thinly chopped rosemary. They are so tasty! I taste as I go to see if they need more of anything.
Anyways, the point of today's blog is to give you a gift guide for the home, not tell you about mashed potatoes, but I couldn't resist! Onto the gift guide:
magnolia hearth & hand wreath / herringbone vase / letterboard / rose gold frame / rose copper candlesticks / pineapple / white pouf / white ball lamp / retro kitchen copper timer / gold tray / candle / gold metallic pillow / Beautiful All American Decorating book / You Are My Home sign / Coasters 
I love so many things on this board! I'd love any of them as gifts for my home. A few stand out pieces are the gorgeous copper candlesticks, delicious smelling oatmeal cookie (seriously one of my favorites. Mine from last year just ran out!), the sweet magnolia lambs ear wreath for target that's perfect for any season, and the wood sign. This sign in particular is really special, I think, and something I'm learning as my family lives across the country. My husband is my home! 

Sometimes giving friends and family gifts for their home feels too personal, but if you know them well enough, you should be able to find something meaningful and beautiful. Something on the generic side, like coasters, is a great way to go if you know their color scheme! These come in so many colors, it'd be easy to find one that would fit. Going for something neutral is always a great idea as well. It's my personal belief that no one can have too many trays (okay, maybe that's not quite true!) so a neutral or metallic tray would make a great gift. They're awesome for holding mail, tv remotes, jewelry, and generally housing the clutter!

Here are a few more gift ideas thrown in below:

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What gifts do you love receiving for your home?
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  1. I am going to make your mashed potato recipe on Thanksgiving Day! It sounds delicious. I would love the recipe for your raspberry marshmallow jello salad. I bet it is delicious too. I really enjoy your blog.


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