Friday, November 4, 2011

Fashion Friday & 1/2 Yearly Sale Finds!

Blouse: Nordstrom B.P.
Lilac Jeans: Anthropologie, AG brand...ON SALE NOW in all colors (:
Shoes: Steve Madden ballet flats
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs {courtesy of my stylish mom}

Over the weekend I got to check off another thing on my birthday list...colored denim. I love this color {purple-ish...duh!} I paired it with a green colored top with the same color flowers as the jeans.  Perfect match for a warm California day? Yes! Be sure to get yourself a pair of the same jeans from Anthro...they're on sale and come in coral and kelly green, too!

Seeing as I have some birthday money to Nordstrom and it's the Half-Yearly Sale, I'm picking out some of my favorite finds:

Definitely in them market for a pair of nude heels...
Or cute new ballet flats...especially some Tory Burch (: 

Loving this long sleeve dress. You know me- definitely rather wear dresses than pants any day! 
And of course, to stay warm, a new cozy jacket would be perfect! 
Since the sunglasses I was wearing in the pictures above are my moms {I know...she's so chic with her marc jacobs} It's time for me to invest in a pair of non-grocery store sunglasses. I know what you're thinking..."But Michaela, it's never sunny in Seattle." To that I're right! But maybe buying them will help the sun stay out a little!
These Kate Spade ones will do (:
Have you found anything that you've got your eye after?! Hurry over to Nordy's, because I think the sale ends Sunday!

I'm going out for my birthday tonight with some friends. Keeping it classy, of course! Any drink recommendations for this new 21 year old?! Do tell (:

Happy Weekend!

PS. I added a new "Project & Tutorials" tab at the top of my blog to make it easy for you to find projects I've done over the course of blogging. Some popular projects include DIY vases, both dresser redo's, bulletin boards tutorials, and more!


  1. Cute jeans! I definitely couldn't pull them off, but you make them look good. Isn't birthday money the best to go shopping with :)

  2. That's it! I need to get my butt down to Nordstrom for the sale! I love your outfit!

  3. Those heels are SO cute and I am in love with your colored jeans!

  4. Love you cute outfit!! And good finds...I caved and bought the black lace dress I had on my blog yesterday! Oops! :) Oh and I think you should have a glass of champagne...the ultimate classy drink! :)

  5. I am totally on "Team Dress" too!

  6. I am totally on "Team Dress" too!

  7. I am totally on "Team Dress" too!

  8. Love those nude heels! And your flats are awesome!!!

  9. you are adorable! i'm in the market for new flats & my mom is in town so i might actually get some! have fun tonight! Amoretto sours are fun drinks to sip on:)

  10. Cute outfit! I really like those nude pumps and the flats too. I'm definitely in the market for some shoes too. :) Have a great post-B-day celebration!

  11. omg Michaela, thanks for the heads up! i scored the green ones today - they fit awesome~!

  12. LOVE the new jeans, so perfect! Girl, you are making out like a bandit for this birthday! But it's only appropriate for 21, I mean, how big is that birthday??? (c: Have fun tonight!

  13. ahhh where was my favorite picture pose :)

  14. Great outfit! We are heading out to the sale tomorrow.

  15. Love the jeans! Have a great birthday.. wine is always classy! :)

  16. Have fun tonight!! Be safe! Love you!!

  17. I love all your finds!!! I work at Nordy's so its fun to see all the things you got :) Do you shop at Store 1, the downtown store? Bell Square is my faveee!!

    Love your blogg!!

  18. I love love love your outfit! Super cute! And I need to get myself to Nordstrom stat!


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