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Today I've invited my sweet friend Lisa from Something Pretty to share what she's loving and what she's not! Lisa writes about all things, well...pretty! Top of that list is weddings, of course! She's so sweet and truly knows her stuff. Let's take a look at her love list (:
Hi y'all! I'm Lisa from Something Pretty, where I write all about weddings style. I am so tickled pink that Michaela invited me over to her amazing blog to share my loves and not-loves of the week!

She Loves Me:
1. My new West Elm Favorite Throw...Michaela introduced me to West Elm and now I'm obsessed! A dune colored favorite throw was my first purchase, and I love the color, the softness, and how pretty it looks draped over my light blue suede chair.

2. Navy and beige stripes seem to be popping up everywhere, and I love how polished and pretty they look. Nobody buy that J. Crew sweater so it goes on sale faster. ;) Pictures via Atlantic Pacific, J. Crew, Late Afternoon.

3. This DIY confetti canvas on Mint Love Social Club was inspired by Kate Spade dinnerware. I can't wait to try making my own!
4. Fall nail polish colors are so rich and romantic! Essie's Chinchilly, Jelly Apple, and Carry On are my current favorites.
5. Two words: peppermint mochas. In red holiday cups, no less!

She Loves Me Not:
1.Confusing fall weather. I live in Austin, where mornings are getting pretty chilly, but then it feels like summer by the middle of the afternoon. I change outfits about three times a day, and it's pretty annoying, especially if I really like my first outfit!

2. The distance between Austin and Cincinnati, where my handsome boyfriend lives. Plane tickets are so pricey, and I miss him!

3. School has been crazy this semester, and finals are coming up way too quickly. Christmas break can't get here soon enough! Picture via The Neotraditionalist.

Thanks for having me, Michaela! Hope everyone is having a week full of things they love! :)
See...isn't she a cutie? You know I adore nail polish and that canvas inspired my Kate Spade is divine. Weather is always a hassle for me, too! {But only because I have to wear about 4 layers(: }

Go say hello to Lisa over at Something Pretty

What are you loving this week?


  1. Thanks so much for having me, Michaela!! You are so sweet and I seriously can't stop looking at this post and being so honored that I'm on your blog :) Hope you're having a great day! xoxox

  2. I love those throws, too! I'm actually giving one away on my blog today!

  3. this was fun! i might have to get one of those throws, especially if theyre nice and soft! you can never have too many blankets!

  4. Love all her loves! I need to check out those throws!

  5. I love those throws!! And those fall nail polish colors!

  6. these are all so fabulous! that chinchilly nail polish is a must! love the navy and beige stripes. they are always perfect! and she is just the cutest! thanks for sharing girl!!
    xo TJ

  7. Ohmygosh I'm obsessed with navy and white stripes. And all of those skirts. So cute!

    And peppermint mochas? Hands down my favorite drink at Starbucks. Especially in the red cups :)


  8. Oohhh, I totally agree about the nail polish colors and the peppermint mochas :) I just got Essie's chinchilly just a couple days ago actually too! :) And I hear ya on the layers Michaela... that's my latest post. Lack of winter clothing for the East Coast = resourceful layering of "not so warm" clothing :)

  9. i still LOVE this series! one of my favs.

    and totally agree - stripes, scarves and essie are totally part of my wall style - i'm loving these trends! :)

  10. That canvas is amazing, seriously!! I need it.

  11. of course digging the stripes and the pretty fall colors! so fun~

  12. The throws look so cozy and peppermint mochas are on my must haves through the fall/winter months!

  13. That DIY confetti canvas is *GENIUS*! I absolutely adore everything Kate Spade, so I am super diggin' this (c: Great find! And how can I resist a fellow stripe lover???

  14. Can I brag about how Lisa is my blogging assistant?! Seriously, I just love her.


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