Friday Finds: Rocksbox

It's almost the weekend and for this week's Friday Find's series, I'm sharing about my new obsession. It's called Rocksbox. Appropriately named, each month (or more, depending on how often you want to get new jewelry!) you will receive this cute little box in your mail box. Inside there will be 3 new pieces of jewelry for you to wear on loan until you decide you want to send them back (in a prepaid package) for 3 more new pieces. If you love an item of jewelry in your box, you can purchase the jewels at a discounted price. It's such a simple and fun process!

My favorite part about this is you will receive jewelry that is in line with your style, because when you sign up, you take a style quiz. Your Rocksbox stylist will refer to the style survey when putting together each box. I've always struggled with finding jewelry I loved and then actually remembering to wear it is a whole other problem. It's the last thing I think about when getting ready in the morning, so it often gets forgotten. Usually I stick to a sentimental diamond necklace my mom gave me and a simple silver bracelet. But now I have so many fun options! Last month I bought the Kendra Scott bracelet that came in my box and I wear it almost every day now. It's simple, gold, dainty and light weight-- perfect for me. You can shop it here.

Here's what came in my box this month:

A beautiful bangle, gold Gorjana V necklace, and a Loren Hope statement necklace

I think I'll be keeping my gold V necklace this month. I can already tell I'm going to love it after wearing it yesterday :) Here's the best part: if you sign up using the code michaelanoelledesignsxoxo you will get your first month's box for FREE just to see how fun and easy it is. Since you essentially rent unlimited designer jewelry with this subscription, you could get as many boxes as you want sent to you in your one month free. It's thrilling-- let me tell ya ;)

Sign up HERE! To start, you'll take the style survey, then get to browse through all the jewelry and add pieces you love and want to try out on your wist list. Easy as pie. Let me know if you give it a whirl. I'll show you how I styled these pieces sometime soon!




  1. I love this idea! I love jewelry but always forget to wear it too!

  2. Love those pieces they are gorgeous especially the V necklace! I love this concept :)

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

  3. I love Rocksbox! That necklace that you got is gorgeous!



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