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About a year ago I moved across the country from California to Michigan. I made the move because my boyfriend lives here (he's extra handsome, so it didn't take much convincing!) As an interior designer myself, I was excited about finally having my own apartment to call home. I would be able to decorate it any way I wanted, instead of community decorating with my roommates in college. This apartment would reflect my style and personality and I couldn't have been more thrilled.

When I moved to Michigan I barely had anything furniture-wise to my name. I had ordered a headboard and shipped a mirror to my new address, that I'd previously found in California at a vintage market. Other than that, I had a lot of art prints, small accessories and glassware I had collected over the years (I have a thing for beautiful breakable pieces. Sad thing is, most of them actually did break on the move over!) When I got the keys to my apartment I was excited! THEN, after about 5 minutes of being inside I felt extremely overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. My boyfriend brought over his old TV to keep me company, but since I didn't have any furniture, it was casually resting on a cardboard moving box. You could find me watching it from a pouf or on the floor, until my couch came. My makeshift dining table was the smallest, most wobbly card table I'd ever seen. I threw a pretty table cloth over it to try to disguise it, but mostly I did that just to keep myself from crying.

You see, I loved the idea of moving and having my own place, but I also had this completely false expectation that everything would be set up and ready to go right away. What a dream that was! As a designer, you'd think I would have known better than to think everything would be done lickity-split. Well, it's been a year and I've learned a lot about moving, being patient, giving myself grace, decorating and keeping my own home.

Here's the apartment the day I moved in:

Can you see why I felt overwhelmed?!

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on moving, transitioning into a new home, and decorating slowly but surely over on The Inspired Room. I'm dishing on the evolution of my apartment and some (hopefully) helpful insights! Head over to check it out :)

I'm also on LB Design's blog sharing a little about myself, design and The Bloom Workshop. Read it here!

Happy Thursday!


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  1. This post cane at the perfect time for me. We just moved a week ago and to say I'm overwhelmed with the work that needs to be done is an understatement. Thank you for sharing. I am encouraged knowing that while it will take time, this house will someday look & feelike home :). Thank you!


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