June Goals

I took an unintentional little blogging break for a few days and that's because it was sunny and beautiful here + I just had to spend the time at the pool and around town with my husband! We had such a fun weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had my small group girls over from church (they're in high school) and we watched A Walk to Remember. You know why?! Because they hadn't seen it or even heard of it! Can you believe that?? Needless to say they loved it :)

Anyways, it's June! That means it is time for me to think about some new monthly goals and reflect on last month's goals.

- Launch my new interior design website and blog revamp! Can't wait for this-- it's long overdue. I think you'll really like the updated look. So this is half done! My new website is live here (haven't officially "launched" it yet, but will be soon with some fun giveaways!)

- Finish the book I'm reading (The Broken Way). Just a few more chapters to go!

- Have a blast in Texas with my family next week celebrating my sister in law's graduation from Baylor! We had a great time!

- Take lots of pictures at Magnolia Market to share with you, try something from their new bakery (no matter how long the line is!), and get one souvenir from the shop. Hopefully I can control myself ;) My business partner, Ashley, is also flying in because we just might have a special little meeting with Magnolia. Hopefully we can share more soon! Our time at Magnolia was amazing. I shared this post here about our trip, but Ashley recently got her film scans back from our time and they are even MORE beautiful so I'll share those soon!

- Clean out our garage. This sounds so boring, but it really thrills me. I might have a problem ;) My husband did this a bit...yay!

- Try some new recipes on the grill since the weather will be nice. Didn't quite get to use the grill yet (we've been gone a lot this month!) but we DID grill with friends at our air bnb we stayed at over Memorial Day.

- Blog some client design projects! This also includes taking final reveal pictures of a client's house that is finished. I blogged about a client project here! Still need to get those reveal pictures done :)

- Pray more with my husband. We've been a little better at this this month, but can always improve!

- Send some friends who live out of state encouraging notes. Ah! I dropped the ball. Moving this to June!

- Go on our Memorial Day lake getaway trip with some other couple friends!! Can't wait for a little R&R. This was the best weekend!! Highly encourage you to find your people and spend quality time with them!

- Stop comparing (looking at you, Instagram). Replace comparison with giving and serving. I think I did A LOT better with this in May. I didn't check my instagram numbers for the whole month which was really healthy. I always want to work on improving this.

- Send some friends who live out of state encouraging notes.

- Pick my dad out a Father's Day & birthday gift then ship it off to California! I wrote about some Father's Day gift ideas here. We also want to Facetime with my parents on either of these celebrations.

- Help my brother and sister-in-law create a gallery wall of wedding photos in their dining room.

- Try some new recipes on the grill since the weather will be nice.

- Have a wonderful time at our Bloom Workshop next week in Traverse City, Michigan! 

- Get into a routine of working out 3 times a week. This is going to be hard for me because I just hate working out...I wish I was kidding ;) But the gym is in our complex, so it's ridiculous if I can't make it there!

- Make meals for 3 couples who had babies at our church.

- Celebrate my husband's birthday!!! (First married birthday for him-- so fun!) I want to bake a homemade SOMETHING for him...please send me recipe suggestions!

- Spruce up our patio for summer.

- Follow along with the Romans bible study on She Reads Truth.


What are some of YOUR goals this month? Let's keep each other accountable!



  1. So many fun goals!! I can't believe they had never even HEARD of A Walk to Remember!! The best movie of our generation!! I'm actually about to watch Passport to Paris with my friend's daughters.. they had never heard of MK+A!

  2. I've been trying to work out regularly too, but the gym just isn't happening lately! :P So I started doing pilates at home. Have you tried Blogilates on you tube? I think it makes working out fun because you change moves the entire time and I've seen results in my strength quickly (I'm super impatient!) ;)

  3. Great goals! I used to be in a pretty good habit of sending cards to friends "just because" and need to get back into that. :)

  4. Oh my goodness, itsn't it crazy what some high school (even college) kids haven't heard of?! We recently lent our Boy Meets World series to my youngest sister to share with her friends because they'd never seen it.
    hhhmmm good recipes...I'm making oven-cooked fajitas and carrot-"tortilla" tostadas tonight for friends. It's one of my husband's favs!
    Tone It Up for work-outs...my favorite because I can do them at home in my pajamas if I so wish, and I don't have to think about it much since they post weekly the schedule.


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