Recipe: My Favorite Avocado Toast

I just HAD to share this delicious Avocado Toast recipe with you today! It's half a real recipe I found somewhere for inspiration and half my own test. But I assure you, it's delightful! I put my own spin on it by adding some parmesan cheese + a drizzle of honey and The honey makes it!! Four of my favorite foods are on this toast: bread (#noshame), avocado, cheese, and honey.

- baguette
- olive oil
- avocado
- lemon
- salt, pepper, and I used "everything seasoning" from Trader Joe's
- parmesan cheese
- honey (mine is from Little City Honey)

First I sliced up the bread into small pieces, put a THIN drizzle of olive oil on them, then put them under the broiler to get them a bit toasted.

Next I sliced up my PERFECT avocado. I couldn't believe how amazing this one was! I also cut my lemon to great ready for a few steps from now.

Here's all our ingredients!

Once toasted, I laid a few slices of avocado on each piece of bread, topped with a pinch of salt, pepper, and everyday seasoning. Sprinkle with some parm cheese!

Next I squeezed a dash of lemon juice on top.

Then finished off with a drizzle of honey.

I have to tell you about this honey really quick-- it's a new-to-me company called Little City Honey and I was SO happy to find them because they are local to Michigan! I've heard that it helps your allergies to consume honey that is local. I got a few different types of honey from them to try-- lavender (makes my tea soooo delicious in the morning!), regular honey (used here) and cajun honey (my friends used this on their shrimp they grilled for Memorial Day weekend and said it was great! I don't eat seafood ;))

If you're getting married, they do honey favors in really sweet bottles! Check them out here.

So that's it-- all done! Quick and easy and scrumptious!

What's your favorite avo toast recipe? Please share!!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. We love avo toast at our house! We came across a "recipe" in an article in Bon Appetit once. It was the baguette with olive oil grilled, and then topped with smashed avocado mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt and pepper, then topped with crumbled goat cheese and parsley. It's really tasty!

    We have also adjusted this a little for more of a Mexican flavor. We grill bread with olive oil, and then top with a basic guac recipe of smashed avo, pressed garlic, salt, pepper, and lime, then top with crumbled feta and cilantro.

    Will definitely have to try yours!


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