Hair Tutorial: Simple Twist

Hi there! Hope you had a great weekend. What'd you all do? We went to a graduation party, worked out,  went to church, and soaked up even more sun...hooray! Today we're sharing an easy summer style. I love wearing my hair parted to one side with the side with less hair in a little twist. But that gets old quick, so my friend and hair stylist, Chelsea, came up with a little "twist" on the style (pun intended ;)) Tutorial is below!

1. Start with lose curls. For tips on how to get your curls to look like this, check out THIS hair tutorial. We also want to mention that to prep the hair well (meaning, if your hair is too slippery, it won't hold!) you should be dusting some Push Powder into the scalp to create volume and good base for any style.

2. Side part your hair. We're going to be working on the side with less hair.

3. Grab a small section of hair 1/2-1" back from your hairline and twist it away from your face.

4. Secure upwards with a bobby pin, shoving the pin in the same direction as the twist, so you can't see it.

5. Now take the hair that's left in front of your ear and divide into two sections, then twist the two pieces together away from your face. We're doing this to add texture and interest.

6. Secure this twist with a pin or two on top of the first secured twist, also hiding the bobby pins.

7. Gently tug on the tops of the twists to create some volume. Finish with some hair spray.
Photos: Rachel Barker // Hair: Chelsea Thompson of Genesis Salon 

Some of my favorite hair products are below:

I do this style all the time and love it! Let me know if you give it a try :)

Happy Monday!


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