Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

Happy Friday! This week's Friday Finds are gift ideas for the ladies for Valentine's Day!
This post is for our guys. You can forward them the link to the blog post real quick...I'll wait ;) It's also perfect if you're doing a little gift exchange with your girlfriends! If you missed the gift guide For Him, you can catch it here. 
One year all my single girlfriends exchanged panties and it was probably the most fun gift exchange I've ever done!! Just a little idea for you. 
Okay, diving into the Valentine's Day gift guide for her...

undies / bow mulessunglasses / fur throw blanket / pink planters / peony candle / velvet ring box / magnolia market heart mug / vitamin C mask / pink lipgloss & lip sheer / floral robe / champagne gummy bears

Ladies, I usually never talk about underwear on the blog (ha!), but I can't not tell you about my favorite brand! They make the perfect Valentine's Day gift (to yourself or coming from your hubby!) This is a set of 3 for a discounted price. They're super soft, stay in place, and amazing quality.

I'm pretty picky about candle scents, but I just LOVE this collection. The peony scent is to die for!

A sweet new lip gloss and lipstick would also make a great gift. This one is special for Valentine's Day, so it's at an exclusive discounted rate! I've tried a ton of glosses over the years (because I'm an addict) and can honestly say this is my favorite gloss I've ever tried. And it's totally safe for your skin, too! It's super moisturizing and soothing. This Vitamin C mask is also a fave of mine. It's brightens your skin and gives it a firmer look, while decreasing fine lines. If you're not using products with vitamin C for your skin, you should be!!

If you've ever tried these gummy bears, you know why they're on the list ;) Enough said!

I love drinking my morning tea in a cute mug and this heart one fits the bill. It's from Magnolia Market!

If you're a guy reading this post:
Guys, let me tell you a few things about your ladies! They are much easier to shop for than you are ;) Also, you could pretty much walk into Anthropologie and choose literally ANYTHING for us and we'd like it (at least that's true for me!) We like to be pampered and thought of! Personalized gifts show effort. Bath and spa gifts get us excited to relax and spend some me-time. Shoes are a girl's best friend (but don't get them unless your girlfriend or wife actually showed them to you first). Something sweet and tasty will always earn you points. These gummy bears are delish! A cozy blanket will get you some cuddles on the couch....and a velvet ring box will house that bling you got us so perfectly, even if you don't understand why we like velvet or ring boxes (been through this with my husband before ha!) 
One last note: flowers are a must. Even if you agree not to exchange gifts this year. Flowers don't count ;) 
I think that about does it!
Have a lovely weekend
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