My 2017 Home Decor Favorites

As living in an apartment goes, big changes can't always be made, so I try to do small things to switch up our home decor for different seasons. This is such a reflective week, I thought I'd share some little updates and decorating I did in the last year. All of the pictures are linked below incase you want to check out the corresponding posts!

1. Some new cotton stems I found at Hobby Lobby, which were 50% off when I got them so totaled $11 for 3 stems. WOOHOO! These are my fall and winter decor. I got my pitcher from Anthropologie as a gift. It's sold out, but they have tons of others similar. I'm obsessed with this one!

2. My parent's new guest room (aka my old bedroom. Cue the tears! Just kidding, I actually love it even more now :)) I'll be blogging about this in a few weeks to show you the update.

3. A pretty new addition to our bookcase, a new blue & white vase we found on our anniversary trip. Blue and white for life! :)

4. New pillows in our living room bring me so much joy. They are so light and bright-- I just love them!

5. A dining nook update with beautiful and comfortable new chairs. This doubles as my office space, so it was really important we found functional chairs! These fit the bill. 

6. My new favorite magnolia wreath-- finally! I'd been looking for one for so long and am so glad I went with this one. I'm now friends with the sweet shop owner and maker of the wreaths. Love this community of Creatives!

7. We finished our wedding gallery wall off with a watercolor painting of my wedding bouquet! You can see how I hung it here in this tutorial. 

8. My bookcase got a little update for summer. Here I gave you 3 no fail ways to decorate your bookshelf! 

9. Peony season is my favorite season ;) It's such a short part of June, so I will be honest, I get new ones whenever I can until the season is over. It's about 4 weeks, so not too costly! ha!

I can't wait to share more home decor and design tips in the new year, as that truly is my passion (and my job! ;)) Please let me know what sorts of topics you want to learn about in design and decorating! I'll do my best to cover all of them.

Thanks for peeking into my changing home over the years. It really is such a personal thing to share-- where we live. But I love letting you in the door virtually and if I could, I'd have you all over in real life, too :)


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  1. I think this is perfect even for homeowners. Little changes can have big impact without breaking the bank!

  2. I love the water color of your bouquet. Did you have someone paint it for you or did you do it yourself?

    1. I had my friend Chelsea Michal Garter paint it!! She's amazing!!!


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