The Short List: Favorites of 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you enjoyed your night last night ringing in 2018! We went over to a friend's house and enjoyed dinner and games with them. It was low-key...just the way I like it! It was a whopping ZERO degrees while driving to their house....I can't handle these temps you guys! Then watching Time Square in NYC-- I can't even imagine standing out there for HOURS waiting for the ball to drop. That's one experience I never need to have ;)
To kick off the new year, I'm doing a few fun posts this week. First up is The Short List, but with a 2017 Favorites twist. Usually this series is about what I'm loving, watching, reading and doing right now. But today's edition will be my favorites over this past year. Hope you enjoy! And of course, answer with some of your faves below in the comments.
Favorite Book Read: The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp

Favorite Movie Seen: This is a hard one! I think it was Wonder. Just so touching and such a wonderful message of kindness. We also just saw The Greatest Showman this weekend and we loved it! So entertaining. Also another great message.
Favorite TV Show Watched: This Is Us. Hands down!
Favorite Top: This cozy, softest sweater ever! I wish it came in more colors. I have gray, black, purple, and a black ruffle ;) ha! When you live in a tundra of snow, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Favorite Bottoms: AG jeans are by far my favorite denim. I got this pair (almost sold out now-- I'm usually a 25 or 26 and needed a 24 in small!) but these are similar.

Favorite Cozies: My new winter PJ's for sure. They're sold out, but this brand is my favorite. These are so cute!
Favorite Boutique to Shop At: The Mason Jar. Love love love their cute and affordable clothes!  

Favorite Items of Clothing for my Husband: these jeans that I've shared before are by far his favorite purchase. He also just ordered this coat after Christmas, since he desperately needs a new peacoat type jacket for winter. I'm really excited about it for him ;) It has great reviews.

Favorite Moment: Probably picking Lincoln up and bringing him home. Everything about the first few weeks with him were SO fun! (And totally tiring!)

Favorite Trip: We had the best time in Disneyland with my parents just a couple weeks ago, so I think that'd be it!
Favorite Date: This one is easy. Our 1 year anniversary trip to Traverse City! We went wine tasting, stayed at a gorgeous hotel (Hotel Walloon) and ate some delicious food. We talked a lot about our first year of marriage and what we want to work on for the years to come. It was really sweet.
Favorite Client Project: I'm having a lot of fun working on a new construction home that's almost exactly my style-- a modern farmhouse. Bonus is it's one of my friend's homes! I can't wait to show it to you when it's done and in the parade of home this May. I also LOVED working on a recent kitchen design, which is coming to the blog next week.
Favorite Beauty Product: Since joining Beautycounter, I've found TONS of new favorite (safe) beauty products. I can't even narrow it down to one, so I'm choosing three! The charcoal mask, because it leaves my skin clear and ridiculously soft and hydrated. The Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer, because I've never had a tinted moisturizer with SPF and Vitamin C in it that leaves my skin matte and ready for foundation. Finally, this eye cream, because it's super hydrating and leaves my under eyes feeling refreshed and smooth.
Favorite Hobby: I always love going into open houses or parade homes to check them out! I also love picking up flowers from the grocery store and trying my best to make a pretty arrangement out of them. All my time around flowers at The Bloom Workshop helps ;) Lastly, we have really enjoyed taking Lincoln on adventures to the dog park together. This summer we went a few times a week and it was so great to get out in nature together and watch our little guy play!
A Favorite Memory: My business partner, Ashley, and I got a private tour of Magnolia Market back in May and we even got to have our meeting inside Chip's office, which was so fun! I'll always remember that. You can more here.
Favorite Dinner Cooked: allll of the meals we cooked from Blue Apron! We get a delivery of 3 meals once a month and it's been so fun to cook them together, learn new recipes and get to taste foods we wouldn't have thought to put together. If you want a free week of meals, just let me know. I have 5 to give out! This has been so convenient and stress-free for us. (Not sponsored or endorsed, just so glad to have found them!)
Favorite Podcast: Jen Wilkin bible studies. One of my 2018 goals is to walk with her podcasts weekly, following along with the study she is doing. She is SO knowledgeable and brings such needed truth in a time of watered down theology. The Abide Series in 1 John is so great!
Favorite Business Highlight: As you may know, I'm the co-founder of The Bloom Workshop, a workshop for creative business owners to learn how to grow and sustain a thriving business! We hosted 5 sold out workshops this year and loved every second of meeting the talented ladies who came through our doors. Can't wait to release our 2018 schedule in a few weeks!
Favorite Blog Posts Written in 2017:
- First Anniversary with Wedding Day Memories
- Our Bedroom Reveal
- 24 Favorite Rugs
- How the Bloom Workshop Came to be
- Our Gallery Wall
- Biggest Decorating Mistakes
- 17 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
- Oh, the Places I've Lived
- 8 Things to Improve Your Rental
- Magnolia Market Recap
- Marriage Q&A / 1st Year Photos
- Client Kitchen Reveal
- My 27th Birthday + Savoring the Present
Share some of your favorites from 2017 with me in the comments! Especially recipes, because as you'll find out tomorrow, one of my goals is to cook a new recipe once a month.
PS. There are a few great sales going on!!
- Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale ends TOMORROW 1/2/18. 

- Beautycounter is having a 30% off select items sale. This never happens, so take a peek! There are so many great items in the sale, including lip glosses, lip sheers, baby protective lotion (great for eczema), face mists, cleaning towels, eye shadows and makeup brushes.
- Eddie Bauer is having up to 60% off! We just got my husband these gloves. This is where my winter coat is from and I love it. Literally couldn't live without it ;)
- LOFT is having a 60% off sale styles.
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  1. What an awesome year my friend! Happy 2018 x

  2. What a fun post! I will definitely be checking out that podcast! One of my goals is to grow more spiritually, and I'm always looking for new podcasts! Thanks for sharing! XO -Kasey

  3. Loved reading this post! I saw you mention Jen Wilkin's podcast and I'm going to give that a try. I heard her on Jamie Ivey's podcast and loved the interview. I'm sure I'll like her podcast as well. Also I'd love to get one of your Blue Apron coupons! My husband and I are looking for new meals to try.


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