{Back in Action} A Cozy Town Home

After a week and a half of guest posts around here...I.am.back. And if feels good :)  I always miss this little blog of mine when I take off a few days/weeks to move, regroup, or whatever the case may be! So I'm happy to be here and excited for the next few weeks. I'll be sharing a bit about our road trip and some upcoming design plans for my bedroom. 

 Today I'm showing off a beautiful town home I found over on Traditional Home. There are so many unique and special aspects to the home...I couldn't get enough!

Things I'm loving:
1. The gray kitchen cabinets
2. All the built-in bookcases
3. Mix-matched chairs around the dining table 
4. The turquoise and gold dresser
5. Pretty wallpaper 
6. How comfy and cozy and retreat-like the town home feels

What are your favorite things about this Virginia Row Home?? To see more photos, go here.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. LOVE the gray kitchen cabinets & the exterior! Happy your back - can't wait to hear about the road trip & new design plans!!

  2. must agree...LOOOOVE those built in bookcases so much adn all the furniture in this room

    would you fly to Boston and decorate my future home whenevr that may be?!?!? i love the same exact styles you love! perfect fit :-)

    so glad you an ash had a great road trip! i cant wait to hear allll about it! hahah felt like I was there with y'all on that last day with officer hottie and the flat! :) hahah


  3. love the kitchen & the design seems pretty eclectic, which is what i am going for in my home. always glad to get more ideas!


  4. oooo where in Virginia is this?! think they'd let me move in? or be my best friends? hehe

    welcome back! can't wait to read the roadtrip review (even though I've already had a peek lol)


  5. The plate storage in the kitchen and the built-in bookcase in the living room. A built-in bookcase would make my heart sing!

  6. I love all of it!!!!!!!!! Ughh. Reminds me how much I love the look of the old San Francisco town homes with the high ceilings and the beautiful modlings.

  7. Wow stunning! Love it all! Especially the bookshelves.

  8. Justin sure would love the animal head. Haha. Note to self: never let him see anything like this.

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  10. omg i love this!! I love the neutral color palette and how inviting it is!


  11. So great, adore each and every one of these images, need to pin a few!

  12. I love how slouchy some of the pieces of furniture or old rugs look when paired up with everything else in a room which looks sleek and modern. Thanks for sharing!


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