Wednesday, March 20, 2013

She Love Me, She Loves Me Not: Standpipe and Sprinkles

My dear friend Katie from Standpipe & Sprinkles is here today dishing on her loves and Love Me Nots!

Katie is one of the kindest, most genuine ladies in all the blog land, and I'm forever grateful to call her a friend.  Her sweet personality, beautiful writing and insights on motherhood and life leave me inspired daily.  I know you'll enjoy her current loves and love nots! Take it away...

Hi, I'm Katie! I'm so happy to be here at Michaela's blog, today, sharing my Loves and Love Nots. Thank you for having me, Michaela!

1. The labor of love that is our daughter Maile's room. From the birdcage chandelier carefully selected and hung by my husband Tim, to the balloon shade my own mama sewed ... It's taken us almost two years (I am a seriously indecisive perfectionist, and we live very frugally), but her space is finally starting to come together!

2. Ooey-gooey baked treats that I don't have to feel too guilty about.

3. Tiny braids, and a certain little girl who is very opinionated about what barrette she wears! Maile's confidence is positively contagious. Every day after I finish her hair, I say, "Okay, look at Mama!" and she tells me she's "boo-ful" or pretty -- I hope that never changes.

1. Grumpy, rude people. Those individuals that stalk around the market with what seems like a permanent scowl on their face. You say, "Excuse us," with a smile. They begrudgingly let you pass, boring imaginary holes through your skull. One thing that both my faith, and motherhood, have taught me is the power of a positive attitude. Life is just much, much too short to go through frowning. We all have our days, I know, but let's put our happy hats on, and encourage each other -- family, friends, and strangers alike. Let's embrace the beautiful mess that is humanity, and love those who love not.

2. Some things just can't be unseen, and this video of Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and and JC Chasez "singing" back in their Mickey Mouse Club days, is one of those things. Don't say I didn't warn you! ;)

Thank you, Katie! Wow...Maile sounds so much like me! I used to be very picky about my hair as well, but mostly would just try to do it myself, which I'm sure you can guess how that looked at age 3! ;) I can't wait to see Maile's room reveal. Anyone else dying over that chandelier?! 
Friends, I'll tell you what I'm not loving: my history of architecture final is today and it's 90 questions {!!!} over any of the images we've seen this quarter. I have to know the name of the work, artist/designer, time period, and what is significant about the piece. All of this studying on no caffeine {finals is a great time to learn I'm allergic!} is a horrible combo.  Prayers appreciated!

Go say hello at Standpipe & Sprinkles today! I'm telling you, it's a must-read. 

Happy Wednesday! What are YOU loving and not loving this week?!
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  1. Cute blogger! but thanks to katie I want brownies and it's still morning. lol

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    1. This is my own recipe, and I've definitely eaten two or three for breakfast before! ;)

  2. Those brownies look delicious!


  3. I love that birdcage! So pretty! You have great style!

    1. Hi! It's not my birdcage light fixture, it's Katie's! But she does have great style :)

  4. Brownies sound so delicious right now...because we just ate some!! Except ours were not the healthy version. Haha.


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