For the Home: DIY Air Freshener

Photos: Michaela Noelle Designs

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Recently I've been wanting one of those diffusers to diffuse essential oil in my apartment, but goodness! They are expensive. The other day I used what I had to give my apartment a nice, fresh smell. It was free, since I had all the ingredients on hand! The best :)

You'll need: a few slices of lemon, 3 drops of orange oil, a boiling pot of water, a sprinkle of cinnamon (if you want) 

Combine all ingredients and enjoy the aroma throughout the day while it simmers on your stove. It's amazing what new smells can do for your creativity! Let me know if you try this one and if you know of any other recipes, do share!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a relaxing, enjoyable weekend!


  1. SUCH a great idea!! LOVE this!!!!

  2. this is such a great and easy air freshener! :)
    kelsey malie

  3. I love using the wild orange oil to refresh my house... with two kids in diapers it's pretty much a necessity!



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