Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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I'm officially back to the blog, friends! I'm excited to be back this week answering some questions you asked me last week. If you didn't ask me anything and want to, be sure to comment on this post. Today I'm showing you some of my favorite Mother's Day gift ideas. I can't believe it's already here this coming weekend (May 10th, incase you're out of the loop!) I actually got my Mother's Day shopping done a few weeks ago while I was out shopping with a friend. I can't tell you what I bought my mama, because she reads the blog ;) BUT these are some great ideas for you. Everything you see if under $100, and some are even under $50. 

If your mom loves to play cards, these floral cards are a sweet idea. At only $14, they're sure to brighten your mom's day. I love the idea of putting together an array of cute bath or spa items. This lotion if one of my favorites, along with a yummy candle and some floral napkins. My mom loves lounging in soft pajama pants, and it's a bonus that these are super cute, so they would make a great gift. If you're really in a pinch, you can get your mom a gift card to one of my favorite stores :)

You can shop these items below:

What are your Mother's Day gift ideas?!



  1. Those PJ pants look gorgeous!


  2. I do post some questions last week to your AMA post, but I guess they didn't post. :( ...I would love to learn more about the nitty gritty details of how you put the Bloom workshops together - how you choose and connect with vendors, how you get their rates down (I imagine the florists must give you a discount), your tips for event planning, etc.

  3. Oh also, how do you address common decorating challenges? I am trying to figure out how to decorate a rather narrow and long living room with a corner fireplace and TWO doors (one at each end) and apparently that is the king of all decorating challenges haha. So stumped!

  4. Hi Michaela,

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