Favorite Groomsmen Gifts

DETAILSgroomsmen socks / whisky stones / stamped tie bar / leather flask / copper mug / ties / tie bar bow tie & pocket square / beer glass / personalized leather phone case

There are so many great gift ideas out there to give your bridal party. I had a hard time deciding what to give my bridesmaids, but you can find out what I did give them here! Next up was coming up with gift ideas for my fiancés groomsmen. Pretty much anything to do with a bar + drinks will work ;) Ha! Above are a bunch of my favorite picks.

I can tell you this, because I'm pretty certain none of McCann's guys read my blog ;) My fiancé decided on a beautiful, personalized decanter for his guys. It's from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts, which by the way, is a great find if you're shopping for groomsmen gifts!

We're also gifting the guys their ties for the day. They're a really cool gray color and have a great texture. I think it'll look awesome with their navy suits. Speaking of navy suits-- you know what's really hard?! Finding a navy tie to match your navy suit. I want my groom in a navy tie, but that's probably not going to happen, as there are no navy ties that are the "right" navy for the suit. Goodness! Who knew this would be so entirely difficult? I'm loosing sleep. I'm not worried at all ;)

What'd your husband get his groomsmen?!


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