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Having a wedding website has been so great throughout our engagement! Not only is it helpful to have all of our wedding information in one place for our guests, but it was also really fun to make (and easy as pie, too!) We used Minted Wedding Websites, since our invitations also came from Minted, and I have been SO happy with it. It has a spot for everything-- your proposal story, wedding events, travel information (like hotels and favorite places to go in the town your wedding is in!), a page to share pictures and a blurb about your bridal party, all your gift registry info, and even a place for guests to RSVP. Best part? That is all free! If you want to upgrade to a custom URL, password protected site and a photo gallery option, it's only $35, which I found to be really great. You can choose from all sorts of site templates that match different invitations Minted offers, too! I'll give you a tour of our website:

Home Page:
We choose this one photo layout, but each design has 3 layouts you can choose from! (All of which are mobile friendly, which is great for this tech-savvy world we live in.)

Also on the home page, if you scroll down a little, you see our proposal story.

Photo gallery page includes our proposal and engagement photos: 

Wedding party page:

RSVP page:

This has been a huge stress reliever for me! A few people warned me not to do e-RSVP's beforehand because they weren't traditional and older people won't be able to figure it out (looking at you, mom! ;)) but honestly, this is something I've been so happy with. Thankfully, everyone has been able to figure out! But the best part is, it's SO easy to keep track of everyone who is coming. Once someone RSVP's, Minted files it into a section of your wedding website where you can view the YES and NO replies. If you want, you can even download an excel spreadsheet with the RSVPs. And bonus! No RSVPs get lost in the mail (or forgotten to be input in my own spreadsheet). While this may not be traditional, this has saved me so much time and stress. 

Tip: I included instructions on how to RSVP online on our details & directions insert, sent with the invitation. This was probably very helpful for those who don't have innate instincts on the computer!

Registry Page:

The other page we included was the Events page, with the date, time, address and everything they needed to know about our ceremony/reception. (Not posting that here because we don't need no wedding crashers...ha!) We gave them written directions to the venue, but Minted also includes a map built in to the site.

Did you use a wedding website? How do you feel about online RSVP's?




  1. We used a Wedding Wire website and did online RSVPs as well. Somehow, everyone figured out how to use it (it is 2016, after all) and it saved SO much time and stress (and money on postage!). Your site turned out great!

    1. Totally agree! And thank you! It was fun to design and I like the simplicity :)

  2. My daughter also is doing online RSVPs. We figured that pretty much no one in her/your generation would actually send one back and those in my mom's generation would know at least one person - if not the bride herself - to call and ask how to do it. I love your website as well as the whole concept of having a website. Tremendously helpful to guests and such a cute & personal touch :)

    1. That's great!! I included step by step instructions on how to RSVP online on a details card that was sent with the invitations. It worked out seamlessly! Thanks so much!!

  3. What a great idea! You also saved $ on postage!!


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