My New Kitchen Barstools

One of the (many) reasons I was excited about our new apartment was because it meant we would have a counter to put some cute bar stools at! We can eat breakfast here together also. Ah! So grown up ;) If you want to see what the apartment looked like before I got moved in, check out this post!

As you might know, my style is farmhouse chic, with touches of industrial pieces and some glam (aka gold). I might need to make it more masculine once we get married and my fiance moves in ;) Keeping my style in mind and the fact that we have a ton of weathered wood pieces, we chose these beautiful counter stools from Lamps Plus, formerly 55 Downing Street. Our dining chairs pair so well with them, they are comfortable with a padded seat, and they're petite enough so they don't take up too much visual space. I also loved that they had some nailhead trim; it just makes them look more special and finished! Take a look...

Aren't they a perfect fit?! One thing I want to note for people who are picking out stools: there is a difference between Counter and Bar stools. Counter stools are shorter in height (counter = the height of your kitchen counters) and bar stools are taller (bar = raised higher than your kitchen counters). I often get asked how much space there should be in between your counter top and the seat of your stool. I suggest about 10" less than your counter height. That tends to give enough leg room, without putting you at an awkward level to eat at the counter or bar. Hope that helps!

Happy middle of the week!


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